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  5. "ここからとおいですか?"


Translation:Is it far from here?

June 29, 2017





Of course, 此処 isn't used much today, as it is archaic. Nowadays, they would just write it in kana alone.


So is "ここかれ遠いですか?" correct? I'm really curious why duolingo doesn't incorporate kanji as much. I find it really bothersome when reading japanese normally and not recognizing kanji.


Why can't i say "is it far away from here?"


I guess it is the same meaning, but DL didn't add this into the list of answers.


Is the "it" implied? I answered: Are you far from here.


I don't know exactly but the use of こ at the end means you're implying a place. I.e. ここ、そこ、あそこ mean this place (here), that place (there), and that place over there respectively. We've also come across これ、それ、あれ. Which again are here there and over there but this time referring to objects. "this thing" etc. I'm less sure of この、その、あの but I think these are more abstract


Actually これ, それ and あれ mean this (something close to the speaker), that (something close to the listener) and that (something not close to either) respectively. この, その, and あの are variations of the same, just that these are accompanied by a subject, i.e. あの家は遠いです (ano ie wa tōi des) wich means that house is far away.

Hope this helps.


I said is it far and I got it wrong?


You forgot "from here" (ここから).


why is “from here is it far” wrong?


That would be a very unusual way to put it in English, implying perhaps that you had already discussed distances from many places, and then you point to one and ask about the distance from there. (And even then, it would need a comma after "here".) I don't think it is surprising that Duolingo doesn't have it listed as a possible translation; you could report it and perhaps get it added, but the normal way of saying it is "Is it far from here".


I used "how far away from here is it?" I'm not sure I understand the nuance.


I used "how far is it from here" and got it wrong.


I don't know how to translate your sentence, but I think the nuance is your sentence is asking for a specific distance, while Duolingo's sentence just asks if it's far in general, without asking for specification on HOW far.


"Is it far away from here?" gave me correct. Difference is probably one is a yes/no question, another asks for distance.


why was is it far from this place wrong


I used "From here, is it far?" And that was somehow wrong. Derp...


koko kara tooi desu ka. I wrote 'is it far from THIS PLACE?' and was marked wrong. The answer was 'is it far from HERE?'. Is there really a difference between 'here' and 'this place'?


"how far is it from here?" is that just wrong?

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