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Accents for French and German

How can I insert the accents in each language when using my iPad? I haven't figured it out and I'm learning all the vocabulary without knowing where to place the accents. Thanks!

June 29, 2017



With your ipad on-screen keyboard?
Just hold a letter down and one or more accented letters should appear :)
Was that what you were asking?


If you go to iPad Settings, then General, then Keyboard, it should give you a range of different keyboards that you can activate which will have all of the accents you need readily available.


it should work if you hold down the key (letter) on your iPad if it doesn't work it can be changed in your settings. you can also add a French and German keyboard in your settings as well.


German words dont use accents, only foreign words and foreign names (and for those are multiple spellings valid, because the regular german does not have accents, so you could drop them completly) are written with accents within a german text.

ÄÖÜ do not have accents.

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