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Duolingo's New Stories!

WOW! What a great idea to have stories. I only had time to read one story but, it was a cool experience and it would be fun to have always. One thing that I recommend would be when trying to fill in the blank word with no multiple choice; it can be hard and frustrating especially when there are so many words it could potentially be. Also, I do not know if this is already an idea but, I would love if the stories eventually got harder and more intriguing as well as longer. But, overall it was great!

Keep it up Duolingo!

June 29, 2017



totally love em. Yes, they might want to try more stories.. and DIFFERENT level stories.. the stories now are perfect and challenging for me.. maybe throw in some gentler level stories so that folks that are starting out can discover the additional learning help they provide. Anything to add to my learning faucets is appreciated. Thanks guys!


I absolutely agree with you! Thank you for the comment!


I also thought that I just couldn't figure out how to use it


I do agree with you on that, there was not a whole lot of explanation or instructions (especially because most of it, if not all of it was in Spanish and it was hard for me to understand some of it) on how to work/use the story in the way they wanted it.

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