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Duolingo Labs... What would you want?

Hello! Or should I say... ¡Hola! I just have a question for all of you to open up some discussion! As you all should know, Duolingo has a tab called Labs where ideas the company is working on are available for us users to try out. With that being said... my question for you users out there is:

If you could have any update, tab, or option put on Duolingo to make the site/app a better social place, or learning opportunity what would you have the Duolingo team work on in the Lab?

In other words, what would you design in the Labs to make Duolingo a better place both socially and educationally?

Let me know in the comments! It would be so interesting to see what everyone thinks! (:

June 29, 2017



I think it would be really cool for advanced learners if literature (like old novels and poetry) available in the public domain could be adapted to turn into learning exercises.


That is a great idea!


This is a great idea for all languages, but it's particularly useful/educational for minority/endangered languages. Irish, for example, has a rich history of novels/books/poetry, but much of the historical stuff (anything written before about 1960) is difficult for learners to access due to changes in the language over time.


I reckon that it would be quite a good idea to have something where you can download lessons directly onto your computer and then upload them onto the website when you are finished. Would probably be difficult, but I think that I can speak on behalf of a lot of people when I say that I would like to use duolingo on the go.


I agree with you on that! So many times I have thought to myself and wished that I could do Duolingo on the go without wifi! It would be nice to be able to download the lessons you wanted to learn either onto your phone or computer.


A subscription service called Duolingo Plus is supposed to currently provide this.


Really!? I never knew that! I will have to go check that out!


It might be a bit buggy right now - as it is quite new.

In the mean time, there is some existing functionality: on trees you haven't completed, the current row of skills is available offline. Although, sync'ing progress (when back online) can be problematic.

Edit: This is the announcement for Duolingo Plus, from two months ago... https://www.duolingo.com/comment/22202238 It looks like they are A/B testing it on Android.


Oh, okay. Thank you so much for your help!


I like the idea of the Stories feature which they have recently added in the Labs tab, and hopefully they will expand the languages these are available in beyond the current Spanish & Portugese.

I agree with potatoemouse, it would be nice if you could customise the types of exercises you get as the current random generation system seems heavily weighted towards translating from your target language into your native language.


While I would like to be able to customise Duo more, so you could adjust the type of exercises you got, I would settle for some kind of bolt on module that was based around translating from your native language to your target one.


That is a really good idea!


I'd put Immersion in Labs. Cuz why not? Tons of XP, and it's sooooooooo much fun!!

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