June 29, 2017

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Hiragana is used to spell out authentic Japanese phrases and word, while the mayerial in this lesson, katakana, is used for spelling foriegn words exclusively. So it's pretty useful, with there being no false cognates to worry about


Katakana is also used for names, at times. Even Japanese names. It depends on context.


It's also used sometimes to highlight text (similar to bold or cursive).


Like English has CAPITAL and small letters


As far as I know they spell Family names in Hira and Given names in Kata. Even though the given names might be of Japonic origin..


It is extremely rare for Japanese names to be spelled in Katakana. Most names are Kanji only with some being hiragana. Katakana for given names seems to be an anime only trend (i.e. 佐藤和真 being spelled as 佐藤カズマ)


What is this. Its to tough for me


I heard just last night katakana can also be used for Japanese words such as fruits/animals when their kanji is too complex.


I wrote it in hiragana as じよん which I checked online and more than one place spelled it the same way as I did. I am using the exact same letters as katakana only in hiragana. So why does DuoLingo say this is wrong??? Ok minutes later now...I didn't use the small よ ....I think that was the problem... :)


No, it's just that hiragana is not used for foreign names and words, katakana is used exactly for this propose


ジョン andしょん both didn't work when I typed them. I had to use word bank.


The Hiragana し would have needed a dakuten: じ.

Are you sure the Katakana ヨ was a small ョ? Put x before the yo when you type: xyo. (If you type jo it will do it by itself.)


well, while you aren't wrong, you actually can write if in Hirigana as well. it counts it as correct aa long as よ is ょ. my keyboard shows the katakana for the word as well, though.


Yes that was was the problem. That has happened to me to on duolingo tests


How do you use the small よ for the keyboard? I can't figure ot oit ams this question with john is driving me mad!


I'd kindly recommend reading through the comments first, has been answered numerous times already: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/23297544?comment_id=40853750


Would you write Sean the same way?


That would presumably be written as ショーン.


Anyone possibly know what Finland is in Japanese?


Yup, it's フィンランド (Finrando).
There's also an Ateji (phonetic) reading Kanji 芬蘭, however most countries will always be written in Katakana rather than Kanji. Even though there are Kanji for some countries, since Katakana was introduced, it's easier to spell out foreign words in Japanese.
Today only Japan(日本)
(South) Korea(韓国/大韓民国)
DPRK (North Korea)(北朝鮮/朝鮮民主主義人民共和国)
and Taiwan(台湾/中華民国)
are officially written with Kanji in Japanese.

Also you were wondering about your name (?) [though I think you deleted that comment] ; it's マティルダ (Matiruda).


Thank you so much! Here's a lingot :)


Now, how do I say "Egbert"?


Probably something like エグバーット "Egubaatto"


I had written ジヨン but still it's not accepting my answer. Please help me.


ジヨン is "Ji Yo N"
You need ジョン "Jo N" or "Jyo N" with the small ョ


To type this on keyboard: ジョン=jonn (by using windows Japanese keyboard. Not sure if that's different for Apple users)


Katakana is used for names and words taken from different languages


I dont have the ヨ thats small. Its so frustrating they ask for specific keys and my keyboard doesnt provide them


I didnt know how to make the ヨ smaller so it marked it wrong:(


The small kana combines with and modifies the one before it. You can type it by writing the pronunciation of the new sound. "Jo" or "Jyo" ジョ (one syllable) instead of "Ji Yo" ジヨ (two syllables)
You can also make a kana small by itself by adding an "x" or "l" before it. "xyo" or "lyo" ョ


Please reply what is the mean of john please tell


It is just a common (English) male first name.


I can't seem to type that one out. It comes out like ジヨン, I can't get the "ヨ" part to go small like I can with "や" in ちゃ...


can't type little yo


thank you so much! I tried entering l(I think it means little) before the kana and it also worked :))


Need to get rid of the romaji, its distracting as were programmed to notice that first


If you mean you have Romaji during your lessons, then you can disable that with the settings cog in the top left corner on the mobile app.


Your "n" looks too much like "so".


There's a discussion on ways to tell the very similar katakana apart here you may find useful. :)


Jhon/john/jon equal all same thing-ジョン


I typed ジヨン but got wrong since i guess the yo isn't small, so how do you do small yo on your keyboard?


Probably explained a dozen times in the comments already, but here we go again :D

Typing "jo" while using Japanese input should already result in the suggested Kana「じょ」&「ジョ」. If it doesn't for you, try entering "x" before the Kana you want to write the small version of. In this case type "jixyo".
By the way, I'm using SwiftKey on Android.


What's the difference between what I wrote and what is correct?


For that we would need to know what you wrote :]


ive been counted wrong on this question no matter what way i spell it wether it was right or not. i think something is messed up qith this question.


Without copying exactly what you wrote into your comment here, there's not a lot we can do to check or help you with. I could only point you to the other comments here that discuss common mistakes beginners make (like typing ジヨン instead of ジョン).




じよん would be "Jiyon" three syllables,
It should be じょん "Jon" two syllables. The small ょcombines with and alters the pronunciation of the kana before it.


So the problem is I wrote the exact same thing but it said I was still wrong



Without copying exactly what you wrote into your comment here, there's not a lot we can do to check or help you with. I could only point you to the other comments here that discuss common mistakes beginners make (like typing ジヨン instead of ジョン).


Is john continent? Why they are mixing it in continents.


jhon is ji+yo+n isn't it?


じよん・ジヨン is "jiyon" three mora ji-yo-n
じょん・ジョン is "jon" only two mora jo-n
Note the size of the "yo" よヨょョ
Small kana combine with and alter other kana. The small kana ョ combines with ジ "ji" to become ジョ "jo"


I put "ジヨン" (ji-yo-n) and it said it was wrong. Can someone please explain???


As you've stated ジヨン is "ji-yo-n" which is three syllables/mora
"John" however is ジョン "Jo-n" only two syllables/mora
Note the size of the ヨョ kana. Small kana combine with and alter the pronunciation of other kana. Small ョ turns ジ "Ji" into ジョ "Jo"


Katakana is used more than hiragana. Am I correct ?


Katakana and Hiragana are both used with different functions.

Hiragana is the primary syllabary used for grammatical pieces (particles, inflections), set phrases, furigana/pronunciation guides and native Japanese words written in kana alone.

Katakana is used for foreign/loan words, onomatopoeia, scientific terms like plant/animal names, and for emphasis similar to CAPS or italics

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