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the android app is demotivating me

I'd been enjoying Duolingo, but the update from about a couple of weeks ago has really demotivated me (I really don't like the timed strengthen skills, or the new slow adverts). Learning now feels like a chore instead of a joy, and I lost a 66 day streak because I just wasn't enjoying using Duolingo any more.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to re-motivate myself?

June 29, 2017


[deactivated user]

    Simple, use the web version xD.

    and i suggest you to use different stuff than duolingo (it's good but it's still basic as program) watch and listen videos and songs on youtube.


    Thanks. I do actually use a lot of other resources for language learning. I specifically meant that learning on Duo was a chore, but I can see that I didn't phrase my original post that way. I didn't know you could use the web version on a cellphone?


    Yup, just put the web address into the browser. The web version you'll get is very much like the app, but in most mobile browsers there's a setting labelled "request desktop version", or something like that.


    Great, thanks :)

    [deactivated user]

      Nevermind, you've got the answer you wanted xD.

      Actually, i was referring to the pc version, but yes, it is possible to go on the web page using your cellphone...however, i tried once with mine and it was only frustrating (but because i don't like to type with my cellphone, that stupid keyboard is too small xD) and the screen wasn't big enough so...a mess xD. I prefer much more the pc version because you don't have all those problems is having lately (the gems for example) you don't do "copy and paste" each word like happens on the cell, and the web version helps you more to remember all words because you have to write all of them.


      I AGREE!!!! I just posted something similar...It went from FUN to WORK...It is VERY demotivating...Not sure why Duolingo works this way..It sucks because I like it to start


      liked it at the start* :)


      I've stopped using the android app completely, it's useless now.

      Use the web app on chrome - it's much more challenging.


      I've recently started using the desktop version again. I'm not a fan of the latest android updates either. I can't see the benefit of timed practice, there's no time to even think. My app also keeps freezing on the ad pages. At the moment I'm taking a Spanish night class and for listening practice I'm watching some Spanish A2 videos on YouTube by 'video ele'. I listen to them first without subtitles and try to understand as much as I can then I go through them again with Spanish subtitles. I'll keep using Duolingo for now because I really want a 1000 day streak.


      Sign up for a 2nd account and practice by testing out lessons and resetting your tree.


      I get the impression they don't want to support the mobile apps anymore. Just seems they keep making changes that are for the worse, like the stupid 60 second timer, and ignoring user complaints. Using the web version in the phone browser is just silly and if this is the direction they're headed then many of us are going to head in a different direction.


      Really? I got the impression that they were moving away from the desktop version, due to the fact that they tailored a whole language course specifically for the iOS app, and that they were taking a lot of features away from the desktop version.

      [deactivated user]

        I agree! They gave too much space for cellphone courses instead of pc version.The only reason is probably for money (i don't have an android but i noticed how many people complains about of buying gems/health if i remember well) they added japanese course for android and iOS for the same reason, to incourage more people to usethe app instead of pc version (and we all know how many people wanted so much this course...including me xD). The only thing we are surely agree is that duolingo is making only a mess with all these updates in every platform xD.

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