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Sie findet es interessant frei zu haben.

is this sentence grammatically and linguistically correct? she finds it interesting to be off duty?!

June 29, 2017



Hmm, although this sentence is grammatically correct, it sounds a bit weird to native speakers. Why should it be interesting to be off duty? I think, even in English it sounds weird, isn´t it?

Better alternatives would be (trying to keep near the original example):

  • Sie findet es nett, frei zu haben.
  • Sie findet es schön, frei zu haben.
  • Sie findet es angenehm, frei zu haben.
  • Sie findet es langweilig, frei zu haben.

With 'interessant' the following sentences would be more meaningful:

  • Sie findet es interessant, Vögel zu beobachten.
  • Sie findet es interessant, ein Buch zu lesen.
  • Sie findet es interessant, ein neues Restaurant auszuprobieren.


You are right with your post, but I dont think that this sentence "Sie findet es langweilig, frei zu haben." is close to the original one. I'd even say this is nearly of the opposite.


Correct :-) But the construction is the same. I wanted to show, that other adjectives would also make sense (also the opposite meaning), but not 'interessant'.


The sentence is correct, but its a very unusual "content" of the sentence. So normally you will never hear this.

A scenario where I could imagine the usage of this sentence is this. We have a woman that always had to work, she never had a day off and isnt familar with the concept of having free days. When this woman is now confronted with a culture where you have days off, then this sentence would fit.


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