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Quitting Duolingo - here's why

It is no longer fun...I would bang out levels everyday - and see progression....It has slowly become stagnant . I am "stuck" at 41% portuguese and spend more time trying to gold up old lessons - I can no longer move forward - I'm not sure if this is "just how Duolingo works" the deeper in you get but - it is changed from fun to work...Anyone feel this way?

June 29, 2017



Don't worry about keeping everything gold. Just make sure you are happy with your own progress. Duo is always running A/B tests and sometimes it's easy to keep things gold and sometimes it's darn near impossible. Stick with it, do what helps you learn the best, and the metrics will speak for themselves. Staff always look at the metrics when deciding their permanent direction.


Speaking of said A/B tests, is the seemingly ridiculous (not meant in a harsh way, but I and many others have expressed concerns) decay rate one of these tests? If so, is it likely they'll be softened a little?


Forget about the percentage, it's completely meaningless. Even if you had a fully gold tree and were level 25, you still couldn't get much above 50%, and that wouldn't necessarily mean you were 'half fluent'. Fluency is not something that can be achieved or measured through a computer program. As an example, according to my reverse tree I am less than 50% fluent in English, my native language!

As others have said you don't have to regold everything before you move on, although it's good to try. If you do want to, keep at it and eventually your skills will decay much more slowly and you'll be able to keep the whole tree gold with only a couple of practices a day.

The levels are designed to require more work to progress the higher you get, like in a game. Again, try not to get too hung up on it. It's not a good indicator of your actual Portuguese knowledge. It's just a calculation of how many xp you have. Just because your level progress has slowed down, it doesn't mean you're not making progress in Portuguese, which is after all why you're here, right? Cementing the stuff you've learned is useful and important, but the rewards are in your brain, not on your computer screen.


You All need to STOP making SENSE!! I will heed the Good advise & ignore the damn "Golding up" and just push forward!! Obrigado!!


Indeed! Keeping things gold has recently become impossible, but it doesn't stop one learning! Just hack that tree! Happy learning!


Once I finished the Spanish for English speakers course, I did the English for Spanish speakers course. This is called doing the reverse tree. It was really easy through the first couple of skills. Then, it became surprisingly challenging. So, if you haven't tried English for Portuguese speakers yet, I highly recommend it. ^_^


That's why I do just one lesson a day when I'm pressed for time. Enough to keep my streak alive and review the words that most need reviewed. Then I have extra time to use other resources.


Don't you get tired of it? Just for keeping your strike alive? I did it for a while but I can't really be bothered with that if I want to do other stuff, and buying a streak freeze every day is expensive. I know it's nothing and you can complete it in a few seconds, but it just seemed meaningless, so I couldn't really get why I was doing it in the first place.


I just know how I am, before DuoLingo, I barely practiced my Spanish regularly and forgot a whole lot of it. Now that I use DuoLingo, it's keeping me from getting lazy to the point where I might forget Spanish again. Now I can regularly review words that I haven't seen in awhile and I'm less likely to draw a blank in the midst of a conversation. If you're not like me and you're convinced that you don't need to review vocabulary and grammar, you might not need to maintain a streak - but at one lesson a day - it's not like it's a massive challenge. Most of the time I get all the questions right and are done in less than five minutes.


That's not you, it's the meters. There broken, and don't worry about keeping everything gold your still learning..


What matters is learning Portuguese, not colors of pixels on a computer screen or made-up internet points.

If you know everything in the skills you've done, then don't review them anymore. But you probably don't know everything, so reviewing adds to your knowledge of Portuguese, in short, moving forward on what actually matters.


I've only been on duolingo for a couple of months, so I'm not like advanced at French or anything but I still think it would be a good idea to keep going! 41% is almost 50% and with that you might begin to appreciate how far you've got. It isn't going to be easy all the way otherwise we'd all speak every language. So keep going! :)


quitters never win and winners never quit.


That's a good attitude, but if you ever go to Las Vegas, please stay away from the slot machines.


I am afraid I can't make any promises...


I am struggling for the same reason. So much time to keep it all gold - it's hard to progress. I would like a lever to slow down the skill degradation


hang in there. Portuguese is a beautiful language.


No, it is not good strategy to keep them gold. You can do both, whenever you like you go back and strengthen. There always many things new to learn, go forward and repeat frquently. A competitive club always helps. You can try another language and come back after some days, you 'll see that you forrget easily. Since learning Portuguese is your main purpose, you can learn. But no more than Duolingo can offer, and not the language out of here. Duolingo cannot do more than he can.

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