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New Duolingoer

Hi, I'm new to duolingo and I'm really enjoying it and intend to keep going so does anybody have any tips about duolingo? Also I'm starting more than one course is that a good idea? Thanks :)

June 29, 2017



Welcome! And good luck with your studies! ^_^


Hello and welcome :")

With me, when my level reaches 25, I have to learn another language to improve my knowledge...But just with me! Let choose your best way! :")


what is level 25?


Level 25 is the highest level you can reach on Duolingo. You get more levels by earning xp. :) Also, as an "experienced" (:P) Duolingoer, I would suggest looking at the Duolingo Unofficial Wiki and a Formatting Guide. Have fun and welcome to Duolingo! :D


Here is the levels:


Hi MitziKirkh ,

Welcome to Duolingo.

any tips about duolingo?

Here are some useful links, to get more familiar with Duolingo:

Happy learning.


Yes, I think that more than one language is good when first starting. And I have been on duolingo a long time, so just feel free to ask me any question at anytime. Also try looking at the discussions every time you get a chance. Sometimes they have really helpful stuff, or you can just ask me. Have a fun time!


Welcome to duolingo!


hello! How long have you been on duolingo?


I started in 2013 with another account on the app but I only used it a few weeks and quit. I came back and have been using duolingo regularly for about 2 years.


cool, does it long to master a language?


It takes a while, I still haven't mastered Spanish. I can read it pretty good and I can understand what's happening on a tv show. I don't speak very well but I can talk to people if they are patient with me.

If you study some every day you will get there before you know it. I would be a lot better at Spanish by now if I didn't get distracted by other languages, sometimes I'll go for several weeks or more with studying too much but I try to study at least a few minutes every day.


Welcome! :) Let´s continue :) I have liittle present for you, a small lingot :) enjoy it :D


thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Welcome! And try as many languages as you feel like! You'll probably find you concentrate on one or two, but "tasting" something unfamiliar is fascinating.

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