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what is the best language to learn?

Hi, What is the best language to learn? There is quite a lot of choice when it comes to learning a language but which is best, and yes I mean the easiest. I have to learn French as I'm studying it and need to improve my grades, but I thought that it would be a good idea to have another language on the side so I could have a bit of range.What would be a good choice? I need a language that is easy to learn or perhaps slightly similar to English as I do need to keep a lot of my concentration on French, but I still need to be good enough at the other language or it to be easy enough so I could learn it quickly and efficiently. Also, quick question, when you learn another language do you start to think in that language too? If so that would be quite cool!!! Over and out... :)

June 29, 2017



If you want something close to English and relatively easy for English speakers to learn, I'd recommend Norwegian, Swedish and Dutch in that order.


I don't think the order matters, having not followed it at all.


It doesn't- I was simply ordering them in terms of perceived ease of learning.


The best language to learn is the one you want to learn the most! However, in terms of easiness, Dutch, Spanish, and German are some of the easiest to learn. Unless you really want to learn it, though, you'll probably lose interest quickly. Don't worry too much about how hard it is to learn, you'll soon find that learning any new language is difficult but fun each in its own way. :)


Thanks, how come everyone has such good advice? And soooo many languages! I'm also already learning German but what I would really like to learn is Japanese and Polish as two of my friends speak them fluently.


Polish is a ton of fun, as it's nice and complex. It also sounds beautiful. Having access to a native speaker is something most learners dream of, so I'd highly recommend giving it a go!


I really agree, lots of my friends are Polish and they love to speak their native language. I always try to get them to teach me some but all I know so far is two words that they taught me, they say it means toilet plumber! I mean, is that even a thing?! But yes it is a beautiful language and I can't wait to surprise my friends with it.


I'd say go for a language that is associated with a culture or media you're interested in,even an easy language would be hard to learn if you're not interested.


I'm interested to learn any language


Spanish and french.


thanks, do you think it is a good idea to start up more than one discussion at once cos I have done that and now it is confusing me! Lol :)


It's totally fine, I do it all the time!


Especially the Spanish for French speakers course on Duolingo. :)


I'd say Spanish and French are two pretty good languages to learn first. It's pretty easy and gets you to know Duolingo a little more. Once you've mastered or gotten pretty far into either one of those languages, every other language you try is going to be a tad bit easier than it would have been if you did that language first.

<pre> Of course, this is my opinion and other people might think differently. I noticed that some people said Dutch, I tried Dutch out, and it didn't work too well for me. Again, an opinion. Every person is unique and has different opinions. ' What is the best language to learn ' is a question with multiple answers, depending on who you are. Do what you like, you said that your friends are Polish, right? It might be fun if you learn Polish and talk to your friends in Polish. It'll probably impress them and you could even have them quiz you on your language skills when you can't get on Duolingo. Based on what I've seen in this discussion, I'd say Polish might be the best fit for you. </pre>


thanks for the advice, and I totally agree!:)


For me right now, it is Polish! But it isn't an easy language to learn. Perhaps you should try Spanish, it is easier.


I like a challenge though, so I'll learn Spanish too!


Spanish, Italian or Portuguese. which ever one is easier for you


I recommend giving Esperanto a try especially if you're looking into some of the other Romance languages (of which excluding French there are 4 on DL for English speakers so you may likely want to try them), so it'll give you a good idea of what you'll expect (of course Esperanto is easier than the others so don't expect them to be as much of a breeze). But given the fact that it's easy, you'll probably enjoy it. The duolingo course for Esperanto is great too, one of the best courses on the site.

However if you're wanting something fairly easy due to the similarity to English, Dutch and the Scandinavian languages are good options.

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