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  5. "かれはりくじょうせんしゅですか?"


Translation:Is he a track and field athlete?

June 29, 2017



彼 (he) は陸上 (track and field) 選手 (athlete) ですか






What is a track and field athlete?


An athlete who does a track and field event (also called "athletics").


This answer doesn't help ! Can someone explain us what "track and field" means exactly ?


Since this is the "Olympics" section, I thought that a link listing all of the athletics events (which are track and field events) would be helpful. I'm sorry it wasn't.

The track part of "track and field" = running. Usain Bolt would be an example of a track athlete. The field part of "track and field" is more difficult to explain without just listing all of the events. Field is things like long jump, pole vault, and javelin throw. They are events that take place on the field that is surrounded by the track.

A track and field athlete is a person who participates in one or more of these events.


IsolaCiao, thank you for the detailed explanations! I've noticed that you provide a ton of helpful answers and explanations in the comments throughout this course.

Like many people, i use DL primarily through the app. For some reason, the app doesnt allow links with alternate text. If the text doesn't show the url, the app won't let you follow the link.

You have taken the time to find and cite countless resources throughout the course, but those of us on the app aren't able to access those resources because your links don't show the url. This may be why people still seem confused after you have posted a link that should make everything clear.

Even if i can't access the resources you are recommending, i still benefit from your explanations and am grateful that you do so much to help out!


Thank you for telling me that, I had no idea because I never use the app. Lately I've been trying to quote the helpful information from the website in my post, so now I'll make sure I definitely do that so the information is there for everyone to read.


I keeo typing " field and track" instead of "track and field". Is it so wrong?


You would never hear someone say "field and track", it is always track and field.


Track and field events are not only related to running. Other events included are hurdling, jumping, throwing javelin, etc.


I finally finished the Japanese course.



It also could mean ground forces like Rikujou Jietai (Ground Self Defense Force)


彼は陸上選手ですか。This answer should be correct.

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