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  5. "There is enough, you know."

"There is enough, you know."


June 29, 2017



Why the double negative?


It's a simple negative. 少ない looks like one in hiragana, but it is not a negative, simply an adjective that means "few" or "insufficient". It may sound weird to an English speaker because we do not have a word to mean "not enough" that's not a negative (explicitly or with a prefix).


You said the equivalent expression in English yourself. An insufficient amount


even saying "that's not insufficient" has a negative connotation (tbh probably because our culture places such a high value on having "more than enough".)


What do you mean there isn't an English word? Are you saying that the words to describe such a situation are lacking? Too few or scarce? Or perhaps they are paltry or meager?


Yes, are you saying there is a dearth of words that mean "not enough"?


I too am confused as to why we're using さくなくない, ie "not too little", instead of say じゅうぶん(十分) , which is the first hit in my dictionary for the English word "enough".

perhaps this English prompt could be better phrased as, "this isn't insufficient", although I'll admit that is an unusual phrase.

at any rate I'm flagging the question because there was no hiragana in the hovertext, only kanji... and i can't tell if it was even helpful kanji. both kanji and hiragana should be available as answers, i think, but if only hiragana is available, then having only kanji as a hint isn't helpful; i haven't figured out how to search by radicals yet!


"that is not a small amount man!"


Couldn't this also use じゅうぶん? That means enough, right?


My dictionary shows 少なくない as "rare" and translates to "not negligible" while also showing 十分 as common and enough. It would be nice to understand why the selection of word was made here.


the "you know" part doesn't really make sense, does it? a "yo" at the end is more like a spiken exclamation point right?


Yo means "I am telling you something you did not know", "this is new information", according to my teacher when I was in Japanese class.


I'm confused by the direct translation...

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