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  5. "おととしは何年でしたか?"


Translation:What year was the year before last?

June 29, 2017


[deactivated user]



    What was the year before last? Should be an accepted answer. The word year after last is implied.


    did you report this?


    "The year before last" is indeed a valid phrase, but your sentence is missing the word "year" after "what"; it should be "What year was the year before last?" Otherwise, it's not clear from the translation that you're asking specifically what year it was (rather than, e.g. what happened that year).


    Actually, with 'what was the year before last' you're asking specifically about the year, not what happened etc. It's synonymous with 'what year was the year before last'.


    This is a contextual thing within English. Asking "what was yesterday?" could be interpreted as asking what happened yesterday, what day yesterday was, or what date yesterday was. It's definitely a valid translation, albeit unspecific.

    [deactivated user]

      When you don't know how to deduct 2 from a number.


      年 Toshi and Nen I have heard both in these excersices ... do they mean the same?


      Both mean year. It's just a different reading of the kanji. It's frustrating, but almost all kanji have at least two readings and often more.


      I put, "What year was before last year" and it was marked wrong.


      ...Because it is wrong. Plenty of years came before last year: 2015, 1984, 1776, 1492, 200 BCE, etc. But only one year was "the year before last".


      Its a contextual situation. It is implied that it is talking about the year before last, but the fact that the year is singular suggests that it has to be talking about the year before last, and not a year 200 years ago.


      Nice year choices. :)


      一昨年は何年でしたか got rejected for me (copy-pasted my answer; it was this exactly). Am I missing something, or should I report it as valid?


      I think report - I just reported the same thing. I think it is rejecting the (correct) kanji and wants おととし instead


      Sometimes it accepted the answer what was the year before last..but sometimes it marked it as wrong answer..so i am confused about whether the answer should be year before last or year before last year in this app


      'year before last' always works. If you were marked wrong it was probably because of 'what was' instead of 'what year was'. Which should be accepted btw.


      Outside of the fact that nobody would ever ask something like that, why "2 years ago" is not acceptable? Year before last is definitely less common than 2 years ago in regular speech.


      But the sentence says 一昨年(おととし), not 二年前(にねんまえ) - so you need to translate it as "the year before last", not "two years ago".


      Can someone show us any ¿context? ?I have no idea why someone need this ¿sentence/phrase?


      Someone in 2022: "do you remember what happened the year before last year?(most languages have a much nicer way to express that and use this kind of wording rather than '2 years ago' for example in german you'd say 'vorletztes jahr' and in japanese the above sentence is probably somewhat nicer than 二年前) it was the year of the great apocalypse."


      一昨年は何年でしたか? wasn't accepted :((( Duolingo needs to add more valid answers to their questions, especially on the usage of kanji. Reported.


      this is demanding the hiragana and marking me wrong for using the kanji.


      一昨年は何年でしたか? was not accepted. I had to type 一昨年 in hiragana form.

      And is there a reason why だったか?cannot be used on the end?


      Imagine having to ask this question


      一昨日 instead of いっさくねん it is spelled おととし here what is misleading


      一昨年 is read as both いっさくねん and おととし, but I believe that おととし is more common and slightly more formal. As for why it is written in hiragana, I'm guessing that to make the TTS sound like "おととし" and not "いっさくねん", they had to write it in hiragana.


      I put: The year before last was what year? and it wasn't accepted. Granted in English that wouldn't generally be directly translated, in my humble opinion, but I thought I'd ask.


      Would "What kind of year was the year before last?" be a valid translation?


      I don't think so, 何年 means literally "what year".


      As @DebAzevedo said, the Japanese sentence doesn't say anything about "what kind of year", just "what year".


      "The year before last" is the same as "two years ago". So why is the second option not accepted?


      Because technically they mean the same thing, but the literal translation is slightly different, which really does matter on a language learning website/app. "Two years ago" would be 二年前 I believe, or something like that.

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