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Lesson sounds missing?

The sounds for the correct/wrong answers seem to be gone :(
Also, all the other sounds from lessons, such as the time ticking for the last seconds in timed practice, or the sound when strenghtening a skill or completing a lesson.

March 24, 2014



Hi fantomitzah! It's possible that you may have accidentally turned off Sound Effects or Speakers in Settings, so head on down to your DuoLingo settings in the Account tab and make sure they're on. If that doesn't work, then turn your computer sound all the way up and try again (I'm serious. Don't make mistakes like that. I learned it the hard way. :P). Good luck to you and your sound. Hope this helps! :)


Thanks for your reply. Anyway, the problem was only present in the morning of that day (and no, I didn't change any settings during that day or the previous day), but in the afternoon those sounds were back without me changing anything. :-)

So maybe I should delete this discussion, right?


Hi again! No, I don't think you should delete this discussion! Others may experience similar problems and upvote this discussion for further attention from the DuoLingo creators. Whenever you create a discussion, whether for help or suggestions, I suggest you keep it for future reference and such. :)

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