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Korean: Increasing Reading Rate?

Though the course for Korean is not yet in beta, I've been searching for ways to help me read Hangul at a more casual rate. I can use the 'English from Korean' discussion forum, but I'd like a better exercise of some sort.

Do you know any useful sites? Any ideas? Anything helps. Thanks in advance.

June 29, 2017



I have no knowledge of Hangul specifically, but my observation from learning to read Russian (in Cyrillic obviously) is that reading ease, particularly in a new writing system, comes mostly with vocab acquisition. If you think about how you actually read in your native language, you don't sound out words normally; you recognize words as entire entities. When you know more Korean words, that'll happen more often, and consequently reading Hangul will be easier.

This video is about Russian, and the references given are for Russian, but it summarizes the basic ways of developing reading fluency: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXjyVJAoXqk Hopefully, someone will come along who might know about specific resources for Korean.

Just Googling "Korean bilingual texts" finds this very promising listing: http://www.hanbooks.com/boinenwkotr.html


I bought The Hobbit, The Lord of the Ring, and Harry Potter in Korean, and that really kicked my reading comprehension and speed into high gear. Since I've read them all in English (multiple times), it really helped that I knew what was being said, even if there were some unknown words in the Korean.


I don't know, but if you want something to read, I would suggest you to enter to the English for Korean speakers, there you will find tips and notes in Korean.

And also there is the Korean Wikipedia.


How about Language with Texts (free) or LingQ (freemium) (links in this list).


I think you meant "Learning with Texts"?


Thanks!! ((a few lingots given to show my gratitude)). The feedback is very helpful; I'll definitely give these ideas a try sooner or later. For now, I'll leave this thread up for those who may need it.

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    Immerse yourself in the culture.... (K Pop does not count)

    Watch football, read the news and books, watch cartoons in Korean. The opportunities are endless

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