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  5. "Vă pare bine pentru ei?"

" pare bine pentru ei?"

Translation:Are you glad for them?

June 29, 2017



Is this literally "You appear happy for them?"


No, but you shouldn't go down that rabbit hole anyway. Here's the literal translation: "To you (it) seems well for them?". It's as clear as mud, eh? That's because "vă pare bine" is a fixed expression which means you are glad (for something). Here's another example with this expression:

  • Îmi pare bine să te cunosc. = I am glad to meet you.

The word "pare" comes from the verb "a părea" (to seem), which you initially confused with "a apărea" (to appear).


Great explanation. Although this course has gone out of beta mode, it seems as if the later parts of the course are not documented at all. I'm having to guess during a lesson what something means, etc. etc., thus all of the questions I've been asking of late. I'm also having to go to other resources, which isn't an issue, but would just like everything here! :(

It would be good if the guys updated the lesson notes

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