"I will give you an answer."


June 29, 2017



Is a response of "ฉันจะให้คุณคำตอบ" acceptable too?


Just trying to look for sentence patterns via google. I'm sensing that my usage "ให้คุณ" in the middle of the sentence isn't acceptable as this word-pair equates to "for you" (rather than "give to you", as I initially assumed) and it seems to get used towards the end of the statement.

E.g. "ดอกไม้ให้คุณ" = Flowers for you

I thought I'd ask google translate (I acknowledge that it can be inaccurate at times) and it suggested:


So maybe that's the pattern I should follow?

ให้ (something) แก่ (somebody)

I found this blog post discussing this pattern and another one:

  • ให้...แก่...
  • ให้...กับ...

It sounded like there was debate whether the latter was acceptable modern form or whether the more standard first style should only be accepted.

If anyone has better insights into distinguishing between "give to you" and "for you" in Thai, I'd be happy to hear it.


Hi Gurce,at my point "give to you" = ให้คุณ,ให้กับคุณ it's feel like you will give simple thing to another but "for you" = สำหรับคุณ it's more specific like this thing is only for you.

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