Tips & Notes - Verbs: Present 2

Under the heading "Confusing Verbs" it states: "If the subject is actively watching or looking for something, use regarder. Otherwise use voir". Shouldn't the verb "chercher" be used for "looking for something"? E.g., Je cherche mon chien. That was in one of the lessons I can't remember which one. I was just wondering if either one could be used, and if so, how do you chose which one.

June 29, 2017

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Yes. Chercher (similar to 'search' in English) = to look for / try to find.

Voir = to see.

Regarder = to watch or look.

They correlate in English, so think about what you would say in English and then translate. Examples: I can see it = Je peux le voir. I'm looking for it = Je le cherche. I'm watching it = Je le regarde.

July 7, 2017
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