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Phone Call Phrases.

In English, if I was to phone someone ask for Mr. John Doe, I would say" Hello, is Mr. John Doe available".

What is the correct way to ask this in French?

"Bonjour, est-ce que Monsieur John Doe disponible"??

June 25, 2012



"Disponible" can be understood as a request for a meeting or appointment, so try: "Je voudrais parler à M. Doe, s'il vous plaît". This states your intention clearly, but politely.


In a more literal manner, "Hello, is Mr John Doe available ?" is

"Bonjour, Monsieur John Doe est-il disponible ?"

And to correct your sentence, you have to say

"Bonjour, est-ce que Monsieur John Doe est disponible ?"

P.S. : Abbreviation of "Monsieur" is "M." in French.

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