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"The woman does not like the jacket."

Translation:Die Frau mag die Jacke nicht.

March 6, 2013



in one of the previous lessons the instructions said that "nicht" goes after the conjugated verb so in this case my answer was "Die Frau mag nicht die Jacke". Why is that wrong?


Thank you. Since I made the same mistake, I found your link very useful.


Hey, I did the same :( loose heart


I struggle with knowing whether to use nicht or keine? Any tips?


If you said "keine Jacke" it would be "No Jacket" or "She likes no jacket", which is different than "Sie mag die Jacke nicht" or "She likes the jacket not .". (Awkward English, but sometimes it helps to translate word-for-word)

She doesn't like any jacket vs She doesn't like the jacket.


Seens to me that keine goes in general. When you say "magst keine Jacke" it means she doesnt aprove any jackets wich is not the situation here - she does not like just this particular jacket.


Difference between Jacke and Jacken??


How do I know when to use mag instead of magst? Made this mistake more than once, I would like to stop losing hearts over it.


You should learn basic ver conjugation. Cannot put links in here since I am on the phone, but check resources on the net for verbs, there are a lot.


Why not "die Dame"

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