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Progress Compendium

Hi all, i would like to suggest a feature to Duolingo, where a compendium could be built up after every skill we learn. This could simply be the summary of all the "Tips and Notes" found on each skill.

This way we could have a single document with the knowledge we have acquired so far.

During the lessons we could click on a top link to show this document (or print it out) in case we have any doubt about the previous lessons.

Thanks for this great service. Best Regards, Renato

June 25, 2012



I thought the same. Especially usefull for an overview of grammar tables. You know, verb endings, noun inflections etc. the are only a few tables in the information areas yet. it would be a sweet cheat sheet when completed.

I think the table (or part of it) should unlock when the according lesson is MASTERED. This would support the "learning by doing" idea more and is a nice reward.

Besides, shouldn't this go into the "Feedback" area? It wouldn't be public there though... shrugs


Thanks for your reply, good to know i'm not the only one with the idea :)

Do you know how to post on that Feedback area? i can't find it.. Greetings,


They are working on a vocabulary list right now. We'll see how it turns out. The Feedback area is to your left written vertically in a grey/white box. Click it to post your Feedback.

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