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I am not allowed to access microphone at office, what should i do?

I cannot use microphone in the office, so i cannot speak any words or hear them, is'nt there an option that you cant hear or speak now ........ so can't speak??????????????????

June 30, 2017



Yes, there is. If you hover your username in the upper-right corner of the screen and click "Settings", the first set of options you'll see will allow you to disable both microphone and speaker.


thank you so much.


Pardon, why do you need a microphone to hear words or (auto-)play the audio of sentences?

Erkläre bitte mal: Warum benötigst Du ein Microphone, um über eine Soundkarte bzw. Köpfhörer (z.B USB, etc.) Audio zu hören?

At the office:
Did you even know that your employeer can kick you if you do stuff on the company/office PC which you are not officially (written) allowed to do? So please, ask them BEFORE you use that computer privately!!

My suggestion: Get a mobile smartphone, UMTS 3G/LTE Internet plan and use the mobile app.


Thank You Sir, for your very honest reply and a bit rude one too. We are not allowed to use internet in our handset. So, using a "smartphone, with blaaah blaaah .... " is a bad option. And per se, if I am learning german through DuoLingo,I can call myself that smart at least, to download the Duolingo Application in my "SMARTPHONE". Thank You.


I am done with the problem i was suffering. Thank you aaaaaaalll for your help, and thanks to those who just commented but didn't help. Pls do not comment further. Thank you

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