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Alternative to immersion


Has any one been using Flitto (www.flitto.com) and would like to share their experience with this crowdsourced translation company?

It seems one can provide translations in a very similar fashion it used to be possible in Duolingo's immersion.

Beyond the ability it gives you to practice the languages you are learning here, it has the additional advantage of earning points (that you should be able to exchange for cash/gifts, or use to get translations from others). I don't know how easy/difficult yet it is to earn points, so feel free to comment if you have any good or bad experience with this.

June 30, 2017



Es ist keine freie Plattform, oder? It isn't the same to immersion..it is commercial?


It's certainly free to sign up. Uploading documents could be a different matter, indeed, a significant drawback. There appeared to be lots of things available to translate from English, but not much else.

EDIT: logging back in, it seems you get some kind of alert when something is uploaded corresponding to a language pair you have listed.


I'd try it, but it is blocked!! >:(


I don't know about this one, but I would give ReadLang a try.


Definitely a good idea.


I signed up and passed the brief qualification quiz, but I can't say I get the lay of the land yet. There doesn't seem to be much around to translate.

I've been doing some Russian Immersion-type work on Zanata. So far I like it. Although it's designed for software translation, it suits the general purpose pretty well.


I've played a bit with it, but doesn't seem to be worth my time anymore. I spent some time translating sentences for one of the events, and haven't been credited any points yet. Maybe those will come later, but until then, I wouldn't want a commercial company to benefit from my voluntary work. I also applied for the 1:1 translations, and got rejected, without any feedback. One sentence motivation their decision would already go a long way. At the same time, this also means they are properly vetting the quality of people applying to be translators, so no hard feelings there.

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