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  5. "その国の名前は何ですか?"


Translation:What is that country's name?

June 30, 2017



その: What's that country's name


In contexts where the difference between "the" and "that" is not important, その can be translated as "the". Sometimes either works, but one may make more sense than the other. Sometimes, existing convention makes the choice obvious.

e.g. (on a game show) その答えは!? And the answer is!?

Also note that "and" appeared from nowhere because of the convention in English. Even for very closely related words, it's rare that you can do a simple word replacement and expect it to work for all cases.


I agree with what is said by Akira with on exception. In English we usually us the oarticle "the" to show specificity, but in tbis case "that" leave no question in the mind of the person being questioned. For this to be "the" i would have to assume that a previous discussion happened and i was being asked again about that specific country we had talked about. A cold question about the name of a certain cointey i would use the word "that."


Yes! I got really confused by this. I think Duo is trying to put articles in Japanese


What's the name of that country, should be accepted


That seems to be a more natural translation.


It's accepted now. And I agree, that's the most natural way to say it. "What is the country's name?" is grammatical but odd-sounding.


The build a sentence of this one was particularly difficult. I knew what to say, but figuring out "What is the country's name" was not what i could come up with.


Couldn't it be accepted "What country is that?"


Is 名前 applicable here? Isn't that mostly for people's names?


名前 works for place names , movie names, etc as well. Pretty cool, eh?


"What is that country called" means the same thing.


"What is that country named?" wasn't accepted, but to be fair, it's using name as a noun, not a verb here.


I got marked wrong simply for shortening "what is" to "what's"


FYI when this is a listening exercise, the correct response (その国の名前は何ですか) is being marked wrong for lack of a question mark.


Is there really no way to get 何 to be read as NAN instead of NANI? It's not a problem for me, but beginners in Japanese who try Duolingo are constantly subjected to the wrong pronunciation of the kanji, and often it's much worse than NAN vs. NANI. There must be a way for the computer experts at Duolingo to tag the kanji with the correct pronunciation, according to the context. Until that happens, I'm advising my beginning students to turn off the sound when working with Duolingo in Japanese.



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「What is the name of the country.」 This is correct, there is no mistake.

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