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Novel in Greenlandic


I need a novel in Greenlandic for my work as a linguist. Would anyone perhaps have access to such a thing and were so kind as to share it, please? Preferably one with 100 thousand or more words in it. If nobody has a novel than perhaps some other text or texts totalling about this many words?

June 30, 2017



Well, Greenlandish I know absolutely nothing about, but is this written in it?

It certainly isn't Danish. You can find a .pdf of the whole book, Singnagtugaq, which has about 50 pp. of 39 lpp., here, to read or download. It is certainly shorter than what you ask for. It was published in 1915, so it isn't new.

If this is too short, you could take some very common turn of phrase from the book, bracket it with quotation marks and do an Internet search, perhaps also with "pdf" included as well. Maybe you will have luck.

P.S.--If this is linguistic research for a class or independent study, could perhaps your professor help you?


Thanks a lot for the book! If this is not enough, you are right, I'll go to my professor.


You're welcome. So that's Greenlandic? V. cool! Best of success w/ your project.


I have a children's book, Biibili Minnernut - you can buy it here: http://www.bibelselskabet.dk/Boghandel/Varekatalog/Boern-og-unge/Biibili-Minnernut/978-87-7523-575-9?bid=%7B5D409F18-2A3A-482E-A473-BE6ECC0FED92%7D . As a children's bible it's certainly no novel, but from what I can remember the language and sentence structure is relatively simple.

There's also a Greenlanidc-language bible available for free here: http://old.bibelselskabet.dk/grobib/web/bibelen.htm

I never got around to buying any novels, so unfortunately I can't recommend any, but hopefully these will help. Good luck with your project.


I'm afraid the Bible may be too specific stylistically for my purpose. I'm sorry, I didn't think to mention it in my post. Thank you nonetheless!

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