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Question about predicate and accusative. (German)

Hi :)

In the sentences, "I am a dog" or "She is a woman" (or any descriptive phrase), would the words "dog" and "woman" be in the accusitive case or are they predicate nouns?

Thanks alot for your help in advance

March 6, 2013



I am no expert on predicates, but such words have the forms of Nominative Case: Icn bin ein Hund, Sie ist eine Frau. Accusative Case is mostly used for direct objects, like: Ich sehe einen Hund, Er liebt eine Frau.

P.S. You'd better ask your questions about German in German section.


I understand, this helped me alot. I was unaware of the forum sections so thanks for letting me know.


They are predicate nouns indeed. Since you're asking for them, you might already know some. If not, there's more about that here: http://www.vistawide.com/german/grammar/german_cases_nominative.htm

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