When to use jeszcze and when to use już?

I understand these adverbs mean similar things, I was just hoping someone could clear up the distinction between them for me.

Also, can someone please translate that sentence above into polish? Dziękuję znajomi.

June 30, 2017


Kiedy używać jeszcze, a kiedy już?

You use "jeszcze" when the situation/state is the same as it was earlier but it may change in future.

You use "już" when something has already changed/has already been done and now the situation is different than it was earlier

June 30, 2017

Can I try an example?

Jesteś jezcze dzieckiem?

Ty już skończyłeś?

Please correct me if need be.

July 1, 2017

Both are correct.

Jesteś jeszcze dzieckiem? - ok.
Jesteś już dzieckiem? - grammatically ok, but it doesn't make much sense.

Jesteś już studentem? - Are you already a university student? (have you become a student)
Jesteś jeszcze studentem? - Are you still a university student? (meaning: have you stopped being a student)

(Ty) już skończyłeś? - ok - Have you finished by now?
Jeszcze skończyłeś? - grammatically not ok
Jeszcze nie skończyłeś? - ok, You haven't finished by now?
Już nie skończyłeś? - very not ok

July 1, 2017

aN university??

July 1, 2017


July 1, 2017

jeszcze = still / encore / todavía / ancora

już = already / déjà / ya / già

July 1, 2017
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