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A Dark Theme for Duolingo

Hey there!

Usually I practice on Duolingo during the night, perhaps for that a "dark" theme would be a nice addition? It really makes it a lot easier on the eyes and more pleasant to work with.

What do you guys think about this?

Kind regards,


June 30, 2017



There are browser extensions , if you're using a computer that will make the background dark and the letters light. For Chrome there is Night Mode Pro and Dark Reader. For Opera and Firefox there are some nice extensions too, which make it look really nice.

It makes it a lot easier on the eyes. There is also a program called Flux that is free. It makes the screen less bright and easier on the eyes.

If you're using a phone, I can't help you because I don't know anything about smart phones. I guess that means I'm dumb. I have only a dumb phone.


If you are using a PC, you can change the styles with an extension for your browser.
Here is a dark theme, it's not perfect but it works well.


That works quite well! Thanks


I think that that would be a great thing for a computer too.


That would be cool, but at least on the computer, you could always turn the brightness down.


The simplest solution is often the best. Have a totally useless lingot!


I think that they might already be working on themes.

I was also planning to make a post about it anyway - which I'll still do.

When you look at many past or existing custom themes, they're almost all too bright. White letters on a black background are actually worse than black letters on a white background (not going to explain it here).

A dark theme should look more like this (this one has an added -30% brightness):


Base brightness:


Extra dark (-50% brigtness):


In my opinion this looks very good and is very easy on the eyes. Absolutely nothing bright left, except the blue buttons on the right side which could use a darker blue background.


That's a great idea, I'd love that for my phone.

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