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What is a Moderator?

I would like to know what a Moderator is and what they do. And how people become one?

June 30, 2017



I want to caution you about asking to be a MOD. When I was creating my public chat board, the warning that popped up when I was making someone a mod said becareful, only make long term members of the board MODs, and make them people that I am familiar with. It also said that short term people will ask and these are the people most likely to abuse being Mods and these people go from board to board becoming mods because they want to exercise control over others. I've always kept that in mind after reading that and in fact didn't grant the person who was asking on my site Mod level, when I read that warning. They were pretty new. Just saying.

I also want to point out that I have never went to a site and felt the need to ask to be a mod. How many others have felt they needed to be a mod and asked - especially after just showing up? I think it is a red flag.


A mod. is the one who is allowed by Duolingo to watch the discussion forums and keep an eye on users commenting good and bad things. You can apply to be a Mod. in Duolingo's "Help"


Generally of the four legged folks, moderators are giraffes, roos, bunnies, turkeys, cats, jays (so, two legs are ok too), and so forth. hee hee


Mods are awesome, fun, cool people who (obviously) moderate the forums.

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