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Îmi este greu să opresc această mașină.

I tried to ask this question in the Subjunctives exercise that used the sentence, but my browser did the create new discussion tab and then close it thing.

The translation that got accepted was "It is hard for my to turn off this car."

I have no idea what that means. Does it mean that I can't turn the key to get the engine off? Does it mean that the brakes don't work properly? Both, with meaning depending on context? Neither?

July 1, 2017



"Îmi este greu să opresc această mașină" translates to "It is hard for me to stop this car".

I think that some context is needed in order to figure out exactly what this refers to, but to me it sounds like it's about bringing the moving car to a halt. Otherwise you would say something like "Îmi este greu să opresc motorul", which means "It is hard for me to turn off the engine".


Also, the Romanian word "mașină" can refer to a lot of things, similar to the English "machine" and more (mașină de cusut - sewing machine; mașină de spălat - washing machine; mașină de scris - typewriter). Some of these you could "turn off" (but the English sentence would have to be "It is hard for me to turn off this machine").

FWIW, as a native speaker, I tend to think of a car when encountering "mașină".


"Îmi este greu să opresc această mașină." = (literally) "I find it hard to stop this car"

You can't tell which part of the car (or person) is not working by just this. The sentence simply says that the speaker is having a hard time with that car.

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