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Project Icelandic

One of the most requested languages on Duolingo is the beautiful language of Icelandic. It is a truly wonderful language that should certainly be more largely recognized. I'm calling out to everyone that speaks Icelandic to apply to the Incubator to add Icelandic for English speakers. If enough of us apply they'll surely let us work on it. If you know any good sites that teach Icelandic, leave a link in the comments. We can do this! Þakka þér fyrir alla. Gerum þetta. Ef við vinnum saman, getum við gert þetta með vellíðan.

July 1, 2017



I speak icelandic and i have already applied :)


> If enough of us apply they'll surely let us work on it.

Don't count on it. That's not seemed to make any difference so far.

Here is a post w/ links to links. There have been dozens more similar posts on Duo.


Yeah, I realise this now, as I have looked through several forums explaining how despite hundreds of language requests, Duolingo seems to ignore them. However, the more attention language requests it gets, the better, I guess.


Icelandic sure would be great. Let's hope Duo will finally begin to incubate it. Latin would be nice too, and like Icelandic it has been promised "in the future."


I'm all for this initiative. If only I spoke Icelandic, I would help!


Luis has confirmed on Reddit that it will eventually be added. But no one knows when.


I've been dying for an Icelandic course on here :( For anyone interested in a nice Icelandic course elsewhere, try Mango Languages http://mangolanguages.com/ It does cost money ($20/mo USD), however, you can go to your local library and get access to a free account if they participate! I haven't used it much yet, but it does seem pretty nice so far. I like the layout of Duolingo courses better, but this is definitely a polished course you can use as an alternative until Duolingo gets one going! Also, Mango accounts (whether paid or through your library) are good for all of their languages. Good luck!


http://icelandiconline.is/ also is a pretty good website covering Beginner (A1) to a low advanced (C1) levels, but their grammar explanations aren't really that in depth. Also, good luck to anyone trying to learn Icelandic, because it's pretty confusing. And hard.


Don't most graduate students of Scandinavian studies have to take Icelandic? It seems that the majority of Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian students would like at least some knowledge of Icelandic. I acquired a fair amount of music from Iceland when I played some concerts there some years back.


I would like to learn Icelandic, Is it difficult?

[deactivated user]

    Oh my goodness. It would be amazing to learn Icelandic.

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