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Use of に in "What would you like to drink?"

The suggested translation for this sentence is

おのみものは 何に しますか。

The 何 kanji is always read "nani" by the app, so does this really require two "ni"s? And why?

Also, I'm having trouble with this sentence in general. Trying a literal translation, I come up with: "As for the honorable beverages, which do you make?"

What am I missing?

July 1, 2017



何 can also pronounced as なん in some cases. Here it is pronounced as なに. And yes you need to say 2 times Ni here なに に. However なん pronunciation is also acceptable in a more familiar context.

In here します does not mean To Do or To Make. It is part of an idiomic expression Sth. + に + します which means To Choose Sth.


I would like a coffee (I choose coffee)


I make coffee (I brew coffee)


AHA! Well, that makes a lot more sense now - thank you!

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