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'Timer' and 'Continue the button' are not synchronized!

'Timer' and 'Continue the button' are not synchronized! So time goes and student can not do anything because of no options to use 'Continue the button'

July 1, 2017

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IMHO the new code got worse than before as on the old portal on the web?!

There is always some noticeable delay, the timer ticks, I press the continue button, nothing happens.
It is way TOO slow!!! I often miss some seconds from the timer until the next question is displayed AND I can finally can start typing the new answer.

I would not really use the "Timed practice", besides for "just some sporadic fun" and earning some points for e.g 4-5 questions to meet my 1XP daily goals.

For the old (I guess it was Phyton) Duo portal there was an easy workaround fix:
Installation of the user script "DuoLessonsFix" paused the timer and also added the discussion forum links to the review panels.
Because of the new portal Scala code rewrite, this script does NOT work anymore :-(
I hope the owner / developer can update it soon and the "better workaround" will be back.

The new portal does not even let me type the last answer when the timer run out, so I can not review it (it is not counted).
But there is already another read opened just for this....

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