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What do you like the most about learning languages?

Most of all, I love being able to communicate. But that's what language is about, so I'll try to be more specific.

I love having the ability to acces content (books, movies, music...) in their original language. We're not reading a translation of what is said, but we're actually understanding directly word by word the original meaning.

I also like the multicultural aspect of it. By learning a language we learn about another culture(s) and different ways of thinking, different worldviews.

Language divides/unites us. Through the english language I was able to find likeminded people, kindred spirits, and for that I'm grateful for all of eternity.

What about you?

July 1, 2017



I actually really enjoy the process of learning a language. Discovering new words, structures or sounds is really interesting. I also like discovering similarities between whatever language I'm currently learning and languages I already now. Once I can get by in a language, of course the access it gives you to the culture and the country is cool, too, but it's not my primary motivation (if a strong secondary).


I love the process too. Especially if it's a very different language from what I am used to. It's so fascinating to learn new ways of expressing ideas...


Interesting question.Well,I would say first discovering new words,phonetics.and also I feel that it allows me to feel connected to a new country and its culture,even though I haven't been there.Also it clears stereotypes and judgement in some cases.


Yep! The connection is great!


I love learning these languages and immersing myself in the countries and cultures represented by the languages I love. At least as much as I can since I can't travel to them right now. I buy foods and other products imported from France, Germany, and Italy.


I love that I've met friends I wouldn't have met otherwise. For instance, I have a friend who I spend a lot of time backpacking with. I only met them because I started learning American Sign Language (ASL). We met when I joined an ASL club at a local uni. I was nervous when I walked into my first club meeting. Most of the people there were second year students or community members who were deaf or hard of hearing. The meetings were voice off. (So, sign language only.) I only knew about 25 signs and there was a time lag between seeing the sign and being able to recognize its meaning. I spent a lot of time in those meetings, surrounded by conversations I couldn't understand. It took me quite a while to get to know my friend, because ASL is their preferred method of communication. But, I stuck it out, kept attending meetings, and kept studying ASL online, and now we are pretty good friends. :)

Learning languages has also been good for my self-esteem. I may not be particularly good at learning languages because of a head injury. But, what I have learned makes me feel good, in part because it is a struggle. And also because I grew up around people who didn't particularly value multilingualism. It wasn't yet required (and wasn't offered) in the small town schools I attended, so I didn't have any formal second language education until university.

So, it would be accurate to say that my favorite thing about language learning has been that it has expanded me and my life opportunities. :)


What is your native language?


@lala2178 English.


I am learning in order to be able to talk to people when I travel in Italy, which I like to do a lot. Beyond that I like the process itself.

I used to think I was no good at learning languages, but I now find that I was just too lazy!

One strong motivation was the discovery that later in life (50+ as I am), you can prevent cognitive decline by learning a language. It's a win/win/win for me, I reckon! I think I'll be learning for a long time, I really enjoy it now :)


Oh, and by the way, the look on your children's faces when they see their parent talking in a foreign language for the first time is priceless! That made me want to learn more :)


For Finnish it's basically how it sounds and the culture/history around it and learning it just for fun.

For Russian, it's basically because I have family that speaks Russian or Ukrainian, and I have to learn up by 2018, as most likely I'm going to Russia to visit family then.

For Italian, I'm just learning it for fun, and also for travel as well ^u^

All the languages are beautiful, and I will have to say that I've learned some ancient languages such as Old English (Shakespearean/Victorian English), and Latin.

I learn languages because I want to be able to read and watch and speak the language without barriers. People may say it's not worth it, but it is! If you learn another language, according to science and some studies, it says learning a language can help you have strong memory.

My advice to all those that are learning a new language and are struggling, keep pushing forward! Don't give up, and you will succeed.

Have a beautiful day!


Old English is quite distinct from Shakespearean English. (and I suppose you might have mean Elizabethan?)


Yes. It's quite a bit different and it's interesting.


I like that I can express myself in so many ways thanks for knowing more languages. In different languages there are diffrent phrases and they can't be translate in the same way in every language. I also enjoy learning because it is like a game and you achieve your goals and have fun. I like to compare languages too. Of course culture, and just speaking in other language too.

I've learnt English and now I can search for everything in English, study other languages in English. It gaves me access to English world. The same about others but I'm still not that good in them.


My dream is to be able to read everything that has ever been written and talk with everyone on this planet most stuff is available in english but not everything i want to challenge my brain im going to try to learn new ones until my brain cant handle it anymore


Sounds like a good plan. Good luck!

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