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  5. "He wears black shoes."

"He wears black shoes."


July 1, 2017



I find it quite annoying that DL forces you to use kare. Japanese doesn't use pronouns, so "kuroi kutsu wo hakimasu" should be perfectly correct.


31/10/2020 it is now


Is this not accurate「彼は黒い靴を履きます」??


duolingo seems to complain about kanji all the time


It's now an accepted answer.


I love your perfil picture :)


I've always been taught to avoid pronouns in Japanese but Duo always counts wrong for not using them. "黒い靴を履きます" is more natural than using 彼は.


Its accepted now, 31/10/2020






Wa is topic marker.. wo is object marker right? ... Seriously though, is wo really needed there?


Yes, since the shoes are the object here. I am not sure what the ambiguity would be here?


No, native Japanese leave it out all the time


I think you can skip wo if you use the dictionary form of the verb.


it's ha not wa. hakimasu (履きます) is the verb, and the particle is wo (を)


He was talking about は after かれ


Is it wrong to use 黒いのくつ to express black shoes? I used it for like orange skirts and other things and they were correct in those instances


の doesn’t work in this sentence because 黒い (kuroi) is an -i adjective which means it goes right in front of the noun without a particle.

オレンジ is a -no adjective which means it acts like a noun and needs the particle.


Is it not OK to say 彼は黒い靴を着ます? I thought 着ます also means to wear?


No, 着ます is for clothes you wear above the waist. Japanese actually has a lot of words for "to wear" that are all very specific about where you wearing it. The Tips and Notes for clothes give us three of those words:

着ます・きます wear, on the whole body or upper body

被ります・かぶります wear, on the head

履きます・はきます wear, on the lower body


I have trouble finding where to put the particles


I am amused to see that when I click on "shoes" I am shown the kanji which I have no option to input. That's what I get for trying to peek. ^_^


Why do so many of these not accept kanji. It's infuriating


Japanese is in beta. Just submit an error report.


彼は黒いくつをはきます? Why does this sentence have two topics? When i used only one i got it wrong


Japanese has several verbs for "to wear" depending on what you wear.
履く(はく)-はきます is used for shoes
着る(きる)-きます is used for clothes
被る(かぶる)-かぶります is used for hats

So it's not another topic particle, it's a different verb!


する for accessories like necklaces, bracelets, watches, bling bling etc


I think the one used for shoes is also used for socks, trousers, skirts, etc. Someone said to think of it as "things you step into"!


Thank you, I think more of us were confused.


For skirts, shorts, pants, and other bottom clothes you also use "はき" right?


ありがと。 That's just what I was missing -- I thought "きます" was wear, and wondered where the は came from.


What's with the Kanji inconsistencies? I recall using the kanji for 彼(かれ)all the time in this course why is it telling me it's wrong here?


Every single sentence has different accepted answers, so someone has to submit an error report for every single sentence that uses "kare" in order to get the kanji accepted for that specific sentence.


I see. Not to say I know better than the devs how to deal with this language, but wouldn't it be better for Japanese at least to have a database of Kanji and their readings so that all Kanji will be accepted (as long as it's the correct Kanji usage)? This current system might work fine for other languages but it's clearly not working very well for Japanese because of Kanji.


That's a good idea, but I think the most obvious problem is that some words take certain kanji in one circumstance and a different kanji in another, while sometimes it's more correct to not use the kanji at all but it's still not wrong to use the kanji in formal contexts. I wonder if it would be possible to make a reliable database, though it's certainly something worth looking at.

I know it's frustrating right now to go through an entire module and know that you've gotten every answer right even as it's marking you wrong, but Japanese is in beta. Eventually all of the kanji will be added to each question, it just takes people like you and I to get all the questions wrong and submit all the error reports.

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