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How long should I study?

How long should I study a day to master a language? Thanks!

July 1, 2017



I use several different apps etc, I think 7 in all. I spend about 2 hours throughout each day learning at the moment.

It depends how much you want to learn and how quickly. If I spent 2 hours on duolingo it would not be as good as the same on several courses, I think. I am not trying to learn quickly, but in depth for real use of the language.

I am expecting an overall effort of 3,000 hours in all, although I believe it is possible to learn a language in 1,000 or less.


I know this post is older, but if you don't mind, could you tell me what language learning apps you use?

I'm hoping to find another so I am not only practicing with Duo.

Thank you


Hi Marius,
If you Create a new discussion, you might get the answer a lot faster. I haven't had much luck with asking questions on older post. I never get replies.


It doesn't matter how long you study a day its how well you study. You could be studying two hours a day yet have less results than studying say 30 minutes a day. Its how you learn and apply the concepts that matters.


Like Deadliestcow said, it's the quality of the study. Plus, if you're just talking about learning on duolingo, sadly it can't make you fluent.


Thanks Both of you :)


You're welcome : )


As long as you want..


hi! i think that what really matters what you get from the study, but i also believe in limiting your screen time. two hours a day should be almost enough to learn a language in a couple of years. - TishKleind ;}

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