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Site Features are gone!! Please read!!

There have been so many discussions lately about issues already said upon for months.

The progress quizzes are gone. They were taken away about 3 months ago to allow for more space for whatever. They might come back sometime, or may be altered. They are gone.

The activity feature has been gone for about 4 or 5 months. Duolingo is planning on adding a new communication feature in the near future. You can not talk with friends or view followers. It's gone. It's been gone for a long time now.

People are even asking about immersion still. It has been gone for six whole months. It's been gone for a long time, and I doubt it's returning.

Health & Gems is only on IOS. It may come to Android eventually in tests and there are NO plans to bring it to the computer. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/23219232

Flashcards are gone and I don't know if they'll return.

Only the PC is worth using because the apps seem to screw up everyone's streaks and it isn't worth the risk.

Please upvote so people can see this. At least 15 discussions per day can be eliminated by this one thread. Also paste this link to people who have questions about the above.

July 1, 2017



Um, you know there's been a lot of announcements about this: here and here. It really doesn't take too much effort except posting those links to users. No offense, but you're kind of clogging the forums even more because we have already had announcements about these things. Sadly, the new website post isn't stickied (anymore), but the gems stuff is.


Hi, if you're going to mention these things again, would you link to the official announcements? Thanks! :)


This would be even better since this thread of yours will also age, if you use hard dates like May 2017 (however, the activity feed on our profiles that allowed us to talk to each other was lost less than 3 months ago, round about April 20, 2017).

And if each item listed had a link to the official relevant discussions for people to follow if they like.

Here is one about the new website (and why discussions are sloooow):

The above page has links to the announcement discussions on the new site and the dismantling of the activity streams.

Here is a link to DL's status & incidents page:

Here is one on the Fluency Score:

Skill Strengths:

Don't know if you can change the title but adding "Site Features" to it would make it more appealing.

You might also add something in about the flashcards...



I just joined, but seeing all the things that were helpful on this site that were removed makes me feel like I missed out


Welcome! Yeah, there was a lot. But there will hopefully be even more soon.


Yes - only the PC is worth using, and still they haven't put Japanese on it!

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The activity feature has been gone for about 4 or 5 months. Duolingo is planning on adding a new communication feature in the near future.

I wouldn't rely too much on the near future. They call it soon, the community has branded it soon(tm) which means ages.



can i have more details on the second one?


Why did they do that to the app? I really like this site, but I deleted the app immediately because that 5 times and you're out for who knows how long feature killed me. I really hope they remove that. I really do.


If they remove it it will be a while. They need to adapt the feature so people like it, even though just a few do. They probably won't get rid of it though.


Not sure if your edits didn't save or if you might have forgotten about linking to the announcements mentioned up top. :)

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