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Ukrainian "everyday colloquial" section locked out even after purchasing?

purchased the colloquial section in Ukrainian from the lingot store but i can't access it-it appears in grey as though i havent purchased it, despite saying so in the lingot store. Any help available for this problem? Many thanks :)

July 1, 2017



this just happened to me when i logged back in. if anyone knows how to fix this, it would be very appreciated


I have the same problem. Other two bonus skills work fine.


Same problem here.


Not working for me either. I managed to complete 2 of the lessons when I first got it, but the next time I visited Duolingo it was greyed out and had gone back to 0/4. The direct link posted isn't working for me either, it just goes back to the home page. I was really hoping to have everything completed before I go in a couple of weeks, but it looks like I'll be stuck at 2 lessons off as it's remained unfixed for so long.


It's working perfectly for me. I hadn't released bonus skills had been added until seeing this thread.
Have you tried clearing your cache and restarting your browser?


Tried that but didn't work. I'm also having this problem with other browsers as well as on the mobile app

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