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Discussion removed?

I had a discussion proposing a game. (to post audio links on the discussion) And my discussion is gone now, I can't see it. Maybe a moderator has removed it for some reasons I don't know, but I had no notifications; It's the mess in the discussion, I wish I have one place with all my discussions.

March 24, 2014



Dug up from it's grave, out from under it's discussions. Thanks for your help :P.


Did it follow all of the guidelines?


I don't know, but if it has been removed for a reason, it would be nice to have a notification. I don't like it.


Generally, when a discussion gets removed the reason is that it is against the guidelines. It is not possible to notify every user why a discussion is removed (believe me, as a moderator who deals with tons of spam daily, it is simply not feasible. EDIT - I am not saying yours was spam necessarily.).

Of course sometimes errors occur. Have you read the guidelines in detail and made sure that it does not violate any of them? http://www.duolingo.com/guidelines

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