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Personalpronomen/Possessivpronomen (Begleiter, Ersatz)

Why is this sentence correct?

Der hund mein bester Freund.

..why it is "mein bester Freund" (Nominativ) and it's not "meines besten Freundes" (Genitiv) or maybe "meinen besten Freund" (Akkusativ)

Thank you!

July 1, 2017




Der hund mein bester Freund.

is not a sentence: There is no predicate. So the words as they stand there are not correct as a sentence.

Where did you find them?

The sentence would be complete and correct if you added a predicate, for example:

Der Hund ist mein bester Freund.

(The verb "sein" ("ist") always requires the nominative case).


werden is another example of a verb which takes a predicate in the nominative case: mein Sohn ist ein guter Vater geworden "my son has become a good father".

One way to think of it might be that der Hund and mein bester Freund refer to the same thing, as do mein Sohn and ein guter Vater.


Thank you.. I get it now :D

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