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Hello, I'm a Spanish native speaker and I would like to receive some suggestions or opinions about the abstract that I'm writting. It's for a thesis project, so I'll appreciate corrections of formal forms. Here it is:

"This project takes place in a forestry development zone in the nearby Oriental Republic of Uruguay. The objective is to make an orthomosaic using aerial photographs taken by an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle with multispectral cameras, in order to reach an analysis of the number of implanted trees. The project achieved to a workflow automation which does the calculation and can be used in other similar situations."

Is the expression "forestry development" often used? Is it preferred to use "logging" or "forest exploitation"?

Thanks in advance for your help. Greetings!

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A great abstract. A couple of suggestions only.

  • forestry development is great.

  • You PERFORM an analysis to REACH for conclusions.

  • I'd use IMPLANTED trees to talk about foreign tree species that have been introduced there or trees with implants; on the contrary, If you want to discuss about trees that have been planted again I'd suggest to use REPLANTED trees.

  • The project is achieved (by/thanks to) a workflow automation which does the calculationS and can be used in other similar situations.

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