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Finally conquered the German Tree!

221 consecutive days, 729 lingots and 1 trophy.

July 2, 2017



MissSophie, I completed the tree at level 16 (I am retired and have a lot of spare time), and I thought I was at the end of the program. You still have four more levels before you reach the end of the program (level 25 is the top level). Just keep practicing and replenishing your tree and you will continue to rise in levels.


Ah... so that answers my "what next?" question. I'm glad I saw your post. Thanks for sharing that! Well then, today I'll just enjoy finishing that tree, and tomorrow... it will be back to practicing. At least now there will be another goal to look forward to! Vielen Dank! Ein schönes Wochenende!


Good job ,here's a lingot for your hard work


Thank you! The rest of what I posted isn't showing up, but seriously, there were days I doubted I'd ever finish. Now the question is...where to go now to become more fluent...?


checking out other websites like
or others you find. some websites work with more advanced curriculums kind of like what you do when your taking English classes in elementary middle or high school

different sites not only provide different words but also different strategies towards teaching which can allow you to practice and relearn and learn more in new ways.

another big thing is if you understand enough words just watching youtube or netflix setting subtitles to the language your learning. from my experience with all my other friends speaking and using the language in daily life is always going to help you learn 100x faster than just these flashcard styled websites

I have a friend who just randomly will say sentences they know to people just to allow them to speak it more. so maybe find a way that you can do something like that

reading low level books are also great ways to incorporate the language in a more context oriented way. as a book will have a whole story (even childrens books are theme based) rather than lesson based like this website. so rather than learning a subject it goes more into practicing and gaining words more naturally. look up what you dont understand or wish you could say based on that.

I mean in the end thats how babies learn language right you just constantly have it around you and start picking up words until u can ask and figure out more. using words you've learned to gain the context for words you dont.


This is true. I watch the German soap "Lindenstrasse" on my computer to try to help with real dialogue (and the topics are current). The site has closed captioning - not translation - so sometimes reading the language helps - especially when they speak so fast! My goal is to finally understand an entire episode without help! Thank you for all your recommendations :)


I love you, man! The sites you mentioned are superb and gave me a lot of inspiration! Guess those holidays will be much more productive ;)


for sure. look around sites like memrise and clozemaster i know have multiple types of lessons

https://www.memrise.com/course/1098512/german-1/1/ and https://www.memrise.com/course/335725/comprehensive-german-duolingo-vocabulary/

are 2 different sets of words. so make sure to browse around on any site you visit for the level of difficulty and complexity your looking for (and don't get to addicted to keeping streaks on 5 websites lol)


There's that lingot


Ausgezeichnet! There have been some very good recommendations for continuing after finishing the German Tree. Some additional suggestions are: http://www.dw.com/en/learn-german/s-2469 where Deutsche Welle offers free learning classes as well as some free tests to see approximately your language level. Also: www.babadum.com for picture and word matching. Best wishes. :)


Thank you Buck, Babadum is a very useful tool to extend your vocabulary.


Thank you - and thank you for the references!


Das ist eine tolle Leistung! Herzlichen Glückwunsch.


Since you finished the tree, one logical step would be doing the reverse tree. That is changing the "I speak..." entry to your target language (eg. German) and do the course in the base language (English, I guess). You already started watching German TV series, try reading books or papers to get a better understanding of the German language. Learning sentences is a start, but whole paragraphs or pages can transport not only words but the type of thinking a people works with. Read things you know or like, that makes it easier to tackle the task. Unlike earlier generations, one can use the endless source of the net to choose stuff you like in the language you learn.

Music is a huge source of joy for many people. Be assured, Germans do not only classical music but all sorts of modern stuff as well. Think of rap, hip hop, heavy metal, melodic things by singer-songwriters, you name it. The only thing you have to keep in mind is: don't forget to have fun. Unless you need a language for business use, nobody expects you to be perfect. I am always puzzled about the questions digging deep into grammar. I would never be able to answer them. I learned how to do a (kind of) decent English by reading a lot. Last time I saw a grammar book was in school. (That's fake news, I know that my kids have one for school, too). Too much grammar (and too much dictionary use while reading) will kill the joy of doing it.

Jetzt haben Sie die erste Hürde überwunden. Gratulation hierzu. Lesen und hören Sie viel in der neuen Sprache, dann kommt die Grammatik nebenbei dazu. Vergessen Sie bei der ganzen Lernerei nicht den Spass an der Sprache. Viel Glück


Thank you for your words of encouragement. I don't know what your native language is, but it is apparent you have learned English very well! If I can learn German only half as well, I will feel lucky. I want to learn the language so I can get around better in Germany/Austria when visiting family. Although I understand more than I realize, I get frustrated needing others to be my translator! I want to be more of a participant rather than a bystander.

You are so correct - focusing so much on grammar is frustrating and, although important, does kill the joy of learning the language.

Others have also recommended the reverse tree, so I think I will do that as well.

Thank you again for taking time to write - have a wonderful weekend!


You're welcome. I am native German, but I was in Austria lately. To be honest, without concentrating on the speaker, I needed a couple of words to recognise the language as "German". They could have spoken anything, from Hungarian to Scouse.

The real problem is speed. Locals tend to speak very rapidly, so that no foreigner is able to understand. As soon as they slow down many things start to make sense.


Throws confetti That's wonderful. Hard work should always be encouraged and praised. Well done.


Thank you - your kind reply felt like a party!


I would recommend you to watch actual German television using the Astra satellite. It makes you kind of feel you are in 'Deutschland', and apart of picking up words and expressions now and then, it boosts your motivation a lot.

I am also a gran fan of audiobooks for beginners, as a means to get used to the talk speed with simpler expressions. Currently I am working through this youtube list, which it is great because the text follows along the narrator. I hope you like it:



Thank you CarlosLM1. I will certainly take a look at that youtube list! I also steam German radio stations, however, ironically, they usually speak German, but the songs are almost always in English!!


Yes, English is everywhere, even here in Spain. Maybe you should try some Schlager music: http://schlager.radio.net/


sorry - I guess emoticons don't show up here - a big "thumbs up" to you :)




Thank you! Good luck to you!!


Do the reverse tree.


Gut gemacht!




Gut Gemacht!!! Congrats!


Das ist großartig! :)


Look you, amazing!!


Congratulation! :D


Gut Gemacht!!!


Good Morning ...Miss Sophie.... heute schon fleissig Deutsch geübt ??


Guten Morgan Herr uwehinrichs. Na freilich! Although, it seems that since I completed the tree, the number of topics to practice pop up faster than I can practice them - which makes it difficult to keep the tree gold. But, I suppose that's the purpose. Ein schönen Tag noch!


I'm still looking at the tree while setting on the grass. Trying the Dutch one first and German after that. German is more difficult than Dutch.

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