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  5. Eu sunt perna lui Mihai.


Eu sunt perna lui Mihai.

Another question about one of the strengthening exercises that I can't ask properly because when I ry to open the tb on that thread my browser auto-closes it.

This apparently translates as "I am the pillow of Michael."

Does this mean Michal is crying on my shoulder, or what?

July 2, 2017



I think a better translation would be "I am Michael's pillow".

It means exactly that. You are a pillow and Michael (or Mihai, to not translate the name) owns said pillow. Without context it doesn't mean anything more. It can mean Mihai is sleeping with his head on you, it can mean he always come and crys to you or it can mean you are a character in a fantasy novel and you happen to be a pillow.


Michael is probably using you as a lap pillow for all you know. The sentence can simply mean that he's sleeping on you.

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