"Ble wyt ti..." or "Ble rwyt ti..."?

I learned that wyt ti  should be used in interrogative sentences and rwyt ti  in affirmative ones, for instance:

  • Wyt ti'n hoffi coffi?

  • Rwyt ti'n hoffi coffi.

(the two discussions I linked below seem to confim this).

When the sentence starts with ble / lle, for the 3rd persons always mae / maen  is used (i.e. the affirmative form of bod ), not ydy / ydyn :

  • Ble mae e'n mynd?  (not Ble ydy e'n mynd? )

But when it comes to the 2nd person singular, wyt  seems to be used as often as rwyt, or even more often:

  • Ble wyt ti'n mynd? vs. Ble rwyt ti'n mynd?

So, if I were to ask "where are we going?", would both of the following be correct?

  • Ble ydyn ni mynd? and Ble dyn ni'n mynd?

Is there a rule or scheme as to which form of bod  (i.e. affirmative or interrogative) should be used after question words ble , pam , sut , pryd , pwy, beth, pa, faint ?

Thank you for clarifying this topic.

July 2, 2017


Ble? pam? pryd? and sut (when it means how) are followed by mae, r-forms of bod and unmutated verbs.

Other question words may take mutated or unmutated verbs depending on the construction which follows.


  • Ble rwyt ti'n mynd?
  • Pam mae e yno?
  • Sut dest ti yma?
  • Sut roedd y parti? - How was the party?
  • Pryd bydd hi'n dod yn ôl?
  • Ble maen nhw'n byw erbyn hyn?


  • Beth rwyt ti'n (ei) wneud? - (note the construction with (ei) wneud)


  • Pwy yw e?
  • Beth yw hynny
  • Faint o bobl ddaeth yma ddoe?
  • Sut un yw Dewi? - What is Dewi like? - (note that sut is not being used as 'how' here)
  • Beth oedd hwnna? - What was that?
  • Pwy wnaeth hwnna? - Who made that?

The r-/ry- in some forms of bod is frequently dropped in informal use, and especially in questions, giving, for example:

  • Ble (r)wyt ti?
  • Sut (r)oedd y parti?
  • Beth (r)wyt ti'n wneud?
  • Ble (ry)dyn mynd i eistedd?
  • Sut (ry)dych chi'n gwneud hyn?

More generally, forms of bod, especially in the present tense, are frequently shortened in informal use:

  • (ry)dyn ni'n mynd i'r dre.
  • (y)dych chi'n bwyta allan heno?
  • (ry)dw i'n palu yn yr ardd.
July 2, 2017

Thank you very much for your detailed reply!
My main concern was whether both Ble wyt ti'n mynd?  and Ble rwyt ti'n mynd?  can be used one for the other. Your explanation clears my doubt. And it also provides an answer to another enquiry I had posted a couple of weeks ago, concerning the use of Sut oedd  vs. Sut roedd.

July 2, 2017
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