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  5. "I work with great laziness."

"I work with great laziness."

Translation:Eu lucrez cu o mare lene.

July 2, 2017



Why is "lene mare" wrong in this instance?


It is not wrong and should be accepted (it occurs in native Romanian sources). But I think the point is to teach that "o mare lene" is a different construction which inverts the default word order for the sake of emphasis on "mare."

While we are at it, it is also worth noting that inn general, When a noun is determined by an adjective, the normal word order is noun + adjective, and the article (definite or indefinite) is appended to the noun. However, the word order adjective + noun is also possible, mostly used for emphasis on the adjective. Then, the article and the case marker, if any, are applied to the adjective instead.

  • EXAMPLES of Noun + Adjective (normal order):

un student bun (a good student);

studentul bun (the good student);

unui student bun (to a good student);

studentului bun (to the good student).

  • EXAMPLES of Adjective + Noun (reversed, emphatic order):

un bun student (a good student);

bunul student (the good student);

unui bun student (to a good student);

bunului student (to the good student).


Eu lucrez cu o lene mare e corect


I ask the same


but it should be: "i work with a great laziness" then


"Lene mare" is the same with "Mare lene"

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