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German conversations/Skype group?

Hi all So I'm at a stage in my German learning that I feel pretty confident understanding a lot of what I hear or read. I'm listening to podcasts, watching Netflix in German, listening to music and so on... but when it comes to OUTPUT - speaking or writing, I'm lost. In part, I know I just need to become more confident and just do it, but it's hard so I don't! When I was learning Swedish on Duolingo, I joined a very active Skype conversation group and while I was never fluent enough to participate, there were always plenty of people chatting in various levels of Swedish. I was wondering if there was something similar for German learners and if so where I can find it, or if people would be interested in something like this? Or, are there some others who are interested in having a chat - even a written one - to improve writing or speaking? I'm actually flying in to Frankfurt in 35 days so I'd really like to get better at this before I go, or I'm going to be very good at understanding what's happening, and very mute! ;)

July 2, 2017


[deactivated user]

    I had your same sensation every time in every language...german and swedish most of the times.

    However this site may help you: it's like a skype but full of people that are interested in language exchanges.Try it, i found yesterday by chance a german that wants an help with italian o-O.


    Btw, it's free xD.


    Oh great!! I found a few "language exchange" sites but not this one! I'll check it out - thanks very much! :) I know I need to just get over my fears and just speak (or write) but I guess I'm a bit of a perfectionist so it's hard. ;)

    [deactivated user]

      I've got in mind now that there is also an app called "hello talk", it's similar to speaky. I know what you mean, the only thing to do is to have the patience (alooot of patience) to find the right buddy. I found once a site (and i've even forgot the name xD) but i've never found nobody :(. Keep looking, i'm sure that sooner or later you'll find someone (at least for german and french for sure) i have more doubts about swedish, Swedes can speak perfectly english without problems, so don't know if they are available to "waste" time to help a native english speaker (but if there is, is surely a saint xD) it would be amazing to find one but it's like gold, hard to find xD...but well, your problem now is to find a german speaker and not a Swede xD.


      Thanks for your suggestion of the Hello talk app! It's been great! And a great way to feel able to just chat - I feel less worried about making mistakes with random people so I can start practising like this and will feel more confident when I get to Germany in August! :D

      [deactivated user]

        If you are interested to add another site, i found this one by chance (i like a lot the graphic) https://bilingua.io/

        it has a chat btw.


        Hier sind meine zwei Cent: vielleicht viele unter ihnen haben ein höcheres Niveau als ich. Der Unterschied ist das ich habe keine Angst, Fehler zu machen. Desto mehr Fehler mach' ich, desto besser. Warum schreibt Ihr hier nicht auf Deutsch, zum Beispiel?


        Yes same here.. When it comes to speaking I turn silent and like I know nothing of this language.

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