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[WIU] Weekly Incubator Update: 2017, Week 26.

Note: Data retrieved on 2017/07/02 at 11:58 (UTC).

I. Phase 1 Courses

I.A. Transfers

  • Exits (Courses reaching BETA Phase): None.
  • Entries (Courses entering the Incubator): None.

I.B. Completion Summary

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(A) This week's value automatically generated from Duolingo's statistics.
(S) This week's value self-reported by the team of volunteers working on the course.

II. Latest News from Course Volunteers (All Phases)

Course "English from Arabic" (Phase 3)

By Amgad on 2017/07/02

10 Million Arabs Are Learning English On Duolingo | ١٠ مليون عربي يتعلمون الإنجليزية على دوولينجو

Course "Korean from English" (Phase 1)

By Soedori on 2017/07/01 (full text here)

Update 17/07/01

  • Words: 1479/1745

  • Images: 105/107


One of our original alphatesters, Usag...

Course "Esperanto from Portuguese" (Phase 1)

By librulino on 2017/06/26 (full text here)

Novidade do curso de esperanto para falantes de espanhol!

Notícia fresquinha publicada pelo Luko:

"Hoje o curso de Esperanto para falantes de espanhol ...

Course "Esperanto from Spanish" (Phase 3)

By Luko. on 2017/06/26 (full text here)

¡Nos graduamos de beta!

Hoy el curso de Esperanto para hispanohablantes terminó su etapa en beta, lo que significa que ...

Course "Hungarian from English" (Phase 2)

By AndrsBrny on 2017/06/23 (full text here)

Big steps closer to graduation!

Hello everyone,

it's been a while since we posted an update. During this silence, we've be...

III. Previous Weekly Incubator Updates

See this index of WIUs.

July 2, 2017



The wait for Arabic for English speakers continues.


The wait for Hindi for English continues longer, they haven't moved an inch from where they were 3 weeks ago


Don't worry, from the incubator page "We have prepared a course plan and based on that, we will reach the beta phase on November, 30th, 2015. Each week, we will be communicating the expected beta launch date."


@Mathew_Phelps, It's not just Hindi its almost all of them. They really need to do something like pay contributors or backup plans or something. It's really no use adding so many languages if they are just going to stall like this.


if only Duolingo opened up some of these in-the-works courses to people outside the original group. Maybe they'd get done much quicker, especially when an incubator course hits a brick wall, like we have in this example


D'accordo. What other language resources do you utilize?


Hindi was added in June 2015 and since they had finished the reverse tree in three months, they based their estimation on that and added some time for designing the tree and figuring a way to teach Devanagari.


Neither has Arabic.


More like two months


Not true. Arabic isn't in the incubator. How is moving less than an inch from three weeks ago continuing longer than a course that hasn't even started?


I almost got a heart attack when I opened it and saw this huge "Arabic" "Duolingo!". Had to check. Not this time...


Very excited for the Korean course. Excellent effort from the Korean team!

[deactivated user]

    Thank you. The Korean team is dedicated to providing the best course yet.


    Exits (Courses reaching BETA Phase): None. Entries (Courses entering the Incubator): None.

    It's oh so quiet, shh, shh. It's oh so still, shh, shh...


    So I was thinking. If Duo decides to add a hot course, what will be the signs of its arrival? Would the main mod candidate or two fall silent or start speaking in riddles?


    I have been thinking about that! :-) What did you do when you were picked? I have been fantasizing about Zzzzz... going all coy and quiet for a bit and then going "tah-daaaah!"... X-)


    I joined a messy beta already in progress, so my arrival was rather pedestrian. The then-new mod that inherited the situation clicked on my year-old application. (Much later, a glitch showed me the zombie applications of the dozen people the original mods found more worthy than mine. But o mrtvých jen v dobrém, so I'll just praise them for picking her.) Seven months later, the reverse Phase 1 course just sort of fell into my lap, again without much drama.

    But a new language pair whose seed mod is to be invited by Duo proper, now that could be much more exciting, cloak-and-dagger stuff! One can hope.


    Interesting! There are many ways of ending up as a course contributor, it seems.

    I'm bad at keeping secrets, but since I haven't volunteered to be a course moderator, just a mere contributor, all I'd ever need the cloak for anyway is to keep warm in this "summer" we're having here in the Nordics... And the dagger is for carving doodles in a piece of wood while we wait for any exciting Incubator news.


    Aah, you waited a year before getting picked? Thanks for the insight. I applied to contribute for the Thai-->English course about a month ago, no response yet. It's a course that also seems very stagnant lately, so I kinda would've hoped they'd be happy to have a bit more support. Ah well, I'll just focus on contributing answers to the thai forums where I can, just to improve my 'street cred' in this area. At least now I know a bit more about what goes on behind the scenes, thanks for sharing.


    If you have what it takes, having a high and positive profile in sentence discussions is the single most valuable asset you can cultivate from the outside if you want to be picked eventually. It shows your abilities, compatibility with the team, and availability, and even reduces the estimate of the effort it will take to train you. I would pick a guy like that over a prima donna with gazillion certificates any day.


    It's a course that also seems very stagnant lately

    What do you mean by stagnant for "English from Thai" course?

    Just curious as it's already out of Phase 1 (it's in Phase 3) hence, AFAIK, there is no way to know (for sure) about their progress.
    AFAIK, the only "news" that we (=users) can have now related to "team's work" are the automatic emails when they accept our reports but it's not an indicator of their word. Indeed receiving a lot of "your report has been accepted" email for sure indicates activity but not receiving them doesn't show anything: could be no activity but could also be that they treated thousands of other reports but not ours or even that they treated ours but rejected them (in which case, no email sent).

    I definitely agree with nueby's remark!


    Aah, my measure of stagnancy is coming from reading through almost all the forum posts relating to the course and not seeing any input from the course contributors, seeing questions in that forum go unanswered, even seeing messages from other users posting on why certain phrases haven't been repaired yet.

    Sure, it's not a quantitative/definitive measure of someone with insider knowledge, but just a few tell-tale signs when looking from the outside.

    And it's not such a bad outcome for me in a way, as it provides me a chance to contribute to those forums and make up for the void (practising what nueby preaches).

    My intention here is not to be critical of the contributors, I'm sure they laboured with their hearts and souls to get the course to where it is, but who knows, perhaps after pushing so hard for so long, exhaustion took hold or work and life pressures took precedence.


    ...and with quite some time passing since these last posts, I'll note that the Thai-English course still seems quite inert and static. For example, multiple people have noted an issue with this sentence for over a year, yet there still has been no repair made:


    Just to clarify, I don't intend to highlight this with the intention to grumble or complain. More to highlight that the course needs a bit more TLC given to it. If the present volunteers have limited time to chase up these matters, perhaps the powers that be need to be open to getting more volunteers on-board. As before, happy to drop my name into the hat.


    Here's another example, to add to the point I'm making:


    Here, the English phrase "I eat meat, except for beef" has been translated to Thai as "ฉัน(I)กิน(eat)เนื้อสัตว์(meat) ยกเว้น(except for)แอปเปิ้ล(apple)เนื้อวัว(beef)".

    Sure, it's a simple mistake, easy to resolve, simply remove the word "apple". Yet users have been raising this error for over a year now, and there hasn't been any repair made to this sentence.

    I could add further examples like this, but the point I'm trying to emphasise here is that the perspective I share on this matter equates more to a reality rather than a personal opinion. A perspective that more and more users of the course are commenting on and expressing concern over.


    Well, she has been quiet recently. Although for other reasons, I'm afraid.


    Yup. :-/

    And with the loss of Activity, it's frankly hard to tell who's being quiet, whose comments you simply don't happen to catch, and who has just kind of given up on at least this part of Duolingo.


    True. I generally only see people I know in these incubator updates.


    Very happy to see Indonesian from English making steady progress!


    hoping for czech soon

    and then hopefully some new incubator entries!!!


    Wasn't the Haitian Creole course for English Speakers supposed to be released past yesterday?


    They gave the estimate date back when they first got the course in the incubator. They haven't changed it in a while. Things must not be going as fast as they expected.


    I don't like how ever since I started reading these every week, more courses have left the incubator than have entered.


    This can't go on forever! Literally.

    I think it's better than a lot of courses entering and none leaving.


    I like knowing that a course is in progress. No matter how slow a course goes, in progress means it's eventually coming and people are working hard on it. It's easy for me to be patient when it's being worked on.

    But it's sad when the languages you want the most haven't even had work begun on them at all whatsoever and might never start. My patience is hard to maintain when I really crave a course and it hasn't even gotten started and might never arrive .


    This! I was struggling to express why I'm bothered about courses leaving and none getting added, but Boujleba nailed it.

    Also, even just any courses getting added, whether they are the ones you or someone you know have been waiting for or not, makes one feel that stuff is happening and progress is being made. Right now it feels like things are winding down ... which is not a good feeling.


    What makes me sad are courses sitting in the incubator forever without any apparent progress. Sure, in some cases it's work behind the scenes, but some seem to be just waiting for a second wind.

    With that in mind, I'm happy for every team that successfully scales the mountain of work and brings the course out.


    Yup! I guess what makes the difference for me is that by adding a course to the Incubator, Duolingo has at least made the explicit choice to pick that course. Whatever happens (or as is sometimes the case, doesn't happen) after that. So far, a course has never been officially scrapped from the Incubator. (Some may argue scrapping would be better than leaving them to languish, sometimes even without a designated contributor...)


    I understand your feelings, I've been waiting for a course to enter the incubator too.

    But I still believe that courses successfully leaving the incubator is the way to go.


    Any news of an Icelandic course?


    Nope, since it didn't enter yet the incubator.
    Duolingo never(*) communicate about (potential) future courses to enter the incubator before they indeed enter it.

    (*) up to very rare exceptions (like Cherokee, Arabic, ...) about which Duolingo spoke before adding them in the Incubator but each time without any concrete news, only "it'll be added one day" or "we're working on adding it ASAP". Hence, too vague to be considered (IMO) as a news.


    Ok, thanks. Hopefully it's added one day. : )


    Do they know if Korean will be available on website yet?


    Check the course page. The news there is they're planning to release in exactly one month from now.


    I think PotatoSanta's question wasn't about "when the course will be out of [incubator] Phase 1?" but "when this will happen, will the course be available only on iOS (like Japanese from English course) or (only) on website (like all courses that have reached beta until Japanese from English)?"

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