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I've finally finished the Danish tree - Ready to learn both Norwegian and Swedish!

[deactivated user]

    After months of practicing Danish, I finally did it. I can now enjoy the Danish golden owl every time I log in to Duolingo (see: https://gyazo.com/fcd723ff2733d79eca37f09bcf43b19f).

    I've been living in Denmark for almost a year as an international student from the Netherlands, which made learning the language a bit easier (some words are literally the same). I started to take learning Danish seriously as of January by going frequently to Sprogskolen (the language school). Thanks to Duolingo, my Danish teacher, two of my peers (who are also motivated to learn Danish), and hard work, I managed to pass two (of the six) official Danish exams the past sevens months! I passed modultest 1 (A1 level) at the end of March and modultest 2 mid-June!

    I will continue attending classes at the language school because I would like to pass "studieproeven" (C2 level exam) by the end of 2019; I am currently ahead of schedule!

    I shall use Duolingo on a daily basis to strengthen the skills and the words I am still not 100% familiar with. However, I have started to learn both Norwegian and Swedish as well due to I am up for a challenge, and it will be "easier" to learn those languages if you have already mastered a Scandinavian language (in my case: Danish).

    I hope to see you around in the comments and forums of either trees, and good luck on getting your golden owl!

    • Ernest, Chief_Adu
    July 2, 2017



    You're certainly going to have no problems with Norwegian- Bokmål is extremely similar to Danish, and many Norwegian dialects are simply Danish spoken without a mouthful of potato. :)

    If I may offer a bit of advice, I'd recommend focusing on Swedish rather than both it and Norwegian simultaneously. It has the largest differences to the other two, and with Danish already under your belt I think you'll be able to pick up plenty of Norwegian just from listening.

    Learning both Swedish and Norwegian together was a recipe for confusion when I tried it.

    Congratulations on getting so far with the hardest of the three, and best of luck with whatever you choose to do.

    [deactivated user]

      Thank you for you advice! My Danish teacher also said that it might be better to focus on just one language (preferably Norwegian), although he stated it would be smarter to be more proficient in Danish before starting any of them. However, I am stubborn, and I like your idea of focusing on Norwegian first instead of both Swedish and Norwegian simultaneously.

      Norwegian, however, does sound more appealing and joyful in the ears (it sounds like a on ongoing song). I bet I will enjoy it, haha. Mange tak, Eyl!


      I meant that I would probably focus on Swedish first, as it has the greatest differences from the rather more similar Danish and Norwegian. :) Stubborness is good! If you think you can do it, then do it.

      I have to ask- even after passing those two exams, do the Danes still gleefully try to get you to say rødgrød med fløde?

      [deactivated user]

        Ah, fair enough; Swedish it is then (it also sounds like ongoing song, haha).

        I am surprised that the only person that tried to pester me with "rødgrød med fløde" was my Danish teacher, hahaha!


        Congratulations! You must have worked so hard!

        [deactivated user]

          Most certainly! I spend many hours on Danish the past few months, haha! Good luck with your German tree :D


          Thankyou lol :)

          [deactivated user]

            Thank you! :D


            Hi Ernest,

            you guys from the Netherlands are real language learning talented people, aren't you? :-) I guess it helps quite much if you learn all that many languages when you are still younger....

            So, how is the weather.....and kitesurfing in Denmark? ;)

            How come you choose Denmark as your location to be?
            How is the economy there?

            Do think you would be lost in Denmark just with English, especially working for IT companies?
            A neighbour of me once has been going abroad for working there (I don't know his education and business in detail).

            So many German surfers from DE/NRW travel to your NL beaches to have some water sports fun.
            But I am located more to the south, so the north coasts, especially Denmark, are even more far away from me.

            I regulary meet you guys from the NL when I was skiing in Austria, in Egypt back in 2006 kitesurfing and of course in the www.oase.com forum :-) :-)

            Have fun with your next language trees!

            Best regards from Germany



            Congratulations! If you are craving a beautiful Scandinavian language, try Swedish! But congratulations!

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