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Can we get text instead of picture ads?

Duolingo constantly hangs for 2-5 seconds trying to load Doubleclick ads (apparently Google uses this to deliver graphical ads). The simple solution is to block Doubleclick.

Can we get Google text ads instead? They load pretty much instantly. Duolingo operates with less than 0.2 seconds to load each page in full with EasyList's basic ad list, all Malware domains, and exceptions for non-intrusive ads; all analytics and tracking are enabled (there's an EasyList Privacy rule set I'm not using).

Nothing against ad support for Duolingo, just against these very-slow ads.

July 2, 2017



I dont have any issue with the ads,i use adblock.


I'd rather not block ads. I just want the slow loading times to go away. Duolingo's ads don't clutter the UI, and just interfere with the functionality of the application itself.


The downside to blocking the ads is that the ads are the way that many of us "pay" to use DuoLingo. I figure that since I don't purchase Lingots, I should at least let them serve me some ads so they can keep the lights on at DuoLingo.

If the ads bothered me enough, I guess I would block them and just buy some lingots to make up for the fact that I was taking money away from DuoLingo by using an adblocker. I also suppose that if I was having a problem with the ads taking as long to load for me as they are for the original poster, I would be frustrated!

[deactivated user]

    I don't have a problem with the ads and my internet is quite bad but the website always loads quickly for me.


    They make more money with images, it won't change.

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