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  5. "There is not much coffee."

"There is not much coffee."


July 2, 2017



The tool tip says おおくない but then that wasn't accepted?


Thank you, I had the same question. If this said "very little" coffee then I would understand, but おおくない should absolutely work for this, yet Duo says it's wrong.


I'm so confused with this new すくなく word.

Why would you negate it to make it positive, when in its regular for it already means "no a lot/not much"?


This is not a negative form, although hopelessly seems like one.

少ない is an adjective meaning few, little.

Maybe it's not very natural to say There is little coffee? So it was translated to Not Much.

You can also negate it to express a fact not normally anticipated.

東京で住んでいるアメリカ人は 少なくないです。

The number of Americans living in Tokyo is not small at all.




"There is little coffee" seems a better translation, no?

And couldn't it also be written as コーヒーが少しです, or would that change the meaning?

Any feedback is much appreciated : )


To answer my own question, I think my proposed translation (There is little coffee) would be a better fit for my alternative answer コーヒーが少しです And Duolingo translation is fine for this lesson

Though I'm still learning so feel free to correct me : )


コーヒーは多くないです wasn't accepted. Doesn't seem like the が particule would be obligatory here like with 欲しい, so 多くない would be the problem I'm guessing, but why wouldn't it work here? From what I understand from Keith_APP's comment, 少ない is it's own word representing "little", rather than being the negative of "much", which is what Duo seems to want, i.e. 多くない, no?

Also, I feel like the 少ない kanji keeps smirking at me for getting the question wrong dang nabbit.


is it correct to say コーヒーがおおくないです as おおい means 'much' or 'a lot' so surely おおくない means 'not much'?


I think 少ない is more used for uncountable words, I might be wrong.


少ない means there is a little bit of something. 多くない would be a better word to use for this sentence, or ほとんど... ありません which wasn't accepted for me.


I really hate when Duolingo does things like this because it makes me feel stupid and like I don't get it at all. Why doesn't 多くないです work? I could understand 少ないです being required if it said "very little" coffee, but doesn't 多くないです work for "not much"????


its weird the previous lessons teach you 多くない but then suddenly spring 少ない on you out of nowhere


Why not あります in any of this lesson sentences?


I guess in Japanese you literally say "this coffee is little/is in little quantity" rather than "there is not much coffee" but I find that weird too, I would use あります...


I feel dumb today. 「少ないコーヒーです。」is wrong, and I can't figure out why. I think I said "It's not enough coffee," which should be similar enough. I feel like if I needed が I would use some other verb like ある.


What I think every day at work


This seems a real problem to Anteiku ghouls


How would this sentence be if it wasnt formal?


You can usually replace "desu" with "da" to make it more casual.


How would this sentence be if it wasnt formal?


See above: leave out the です.


コーヒーが少しあります is better in this context.


Is sukunai the same as mattaku and zenzen?


The sentence should be translated: "There is a little coffee". Because suku means LITTLE, and nai means NOT. Therefore, the whole sentence means (literally translated: there is not little coffee). I am not very sure, hope more discussion on this sentence. Thanks

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